WINNER OF THE THRILLER CATEGORY in the 2019 Book Excellence Award!

“In the tradition of GONE GIRL, Susan Wingate’s STORM SEASON is both layered and nuanced. Like a striptease. the story unwinds itself, building one fear above the other. She has created a world both surreal and REAL, where regrets don’t just swallow you whole… They KILL you.” –JCarson Black, NY Times Bestseller


Susan Wingate


Robert is doing his single trick, “little hands.”



“THE LESSER WITNESS” is a remarkable read filled with riveting suspense that will keep you on your seat from start to finish. This is simply the must read book of the summer." - Sun-Sentinel

In the not too distant future, a bolide ignites an onset of earthquakes marking utter ruin on Earth. especially on one small island where Croy Justice lives. With a gang of virulent boys trailing her, Croy must outwit them or risk a gruesome death at their hands. Will she survive these end times? Or, will she be snapped up into satan’s grip? LAST WITNESS is a story about one young woman’s fight against evil.


THE LATEST! Young adult, coming-of-age novel entitled "Moon Spyer" gets a publishing deal with Fitzroy Books (an imprint of Regal House Publishing) in a "nice deal," and has a tentative publication date of Spring 2021.

STORM SEASON Wins the Thriller Category in the 2019 Book Excellence Award! Check out the reviews of Storm Season here.

New Book Release! Apocalyptic thriller, THE LESSER WITNESS is now available exclusively on

The Wingate Writers Studio is open! The retreat is a vision of Susan’s, something she has wanted to establish for years. Learn more about the Wingate Writers Studio by clicking HERE.

The Dementia Chronicles is available in print and eBook on and Barnes&

THE DEER EFFECT wins 6th book award!


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Work Your Fingers to the Bone, What do You Get?

August 20, 2019

When you work your fingers to the bone, what do you get? Bony fingers. Beware! This is a pity post. I work four distinct jobs/activities since Bob retired. So, it’s his fault. I just want to get that there up front so we’re all in agreement. Here’s what a typical week looks like for me.…