Easy as Pie, #2 book in the Bobby's Diner Series out May 15, 2010

If the Whistle Stop Café met the women from the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, you’d have the “Bobby’s Diner series.” 

“Easy As Pie at Bobby’s Diner,” the second edition in the Bobby’s Diner series, is written for adults, and crosses several fiction markets: mainstream, mystery/amateur sleuth, and women’s fiction. The Bobby’s Diner series will find its home with readers who enjoy mysteries and exciting entanglements.

“Easy As Pie at Bobby’s Diner” is a breezy read about Georgette Carlisle, owner of Bobby’s Diner and freshly engaged to a new man, Hawthorne Biggs. When her old friend, Helen, comes to town, she once again falls for Georgette’s man; then Helen goes missing. Georgette and her late husband’s daughter, Roberta, find themselves facing danger as they uncover Helen’s disappearance and the upsetting truth about Hawthorne
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