Down Time on an Up Day…

EasyAsPie_frontcover_small160x160 Today, my first day of the EASY AS PIE AT BOBBY’S DINER virtual book tour, started out like any other, weary blurry eyes, a cup of hot tea with soy milk, the dark den lit only by a burning fireplace, my computer on with the glaring screen waking me. However, by 10:30 this morning, life on our little island went “dark.” We lost power. It happens sometimes. It does. Usually, during the winter. And, as Lupe noted, while he raked leaves out of our yard, “Why does it only happen when it’s cold?”

“Good point, Lupe.” I left him there, loading the wheel-barrow and went back inside the house shaking my head. Good question.

PB290025The power outage sort of knocked me out of my routine. Not just ‘sort of’ knocked me out, it slammed the door on my big toe. It’s not like I didn’t have a functioning battery on my computer. I could’ve written, with a slightly dimmer screen, for sure, but for whatever reason I couldn’t.

So, I looked at the cat boxes that needed cleaning. Then, I looked at the graham cracker pie crust sitting on my counter. Hmm. Thoughts of chocolate banana van pie filled my already prejudiced mind. I mean, the scent of bananas and vanilla and chocolate surged into some area of my brain, faking me out, telling me I could actually smell it and, if I made it, I could have a big fat creamy piece at the end, when it was done.

I really needed to clean the litter boxes but the pie crust held such a power over me that I just couldn’t bring myself to even go near a cat box, let alone, scoop pounds of kitty poo out of it. A good thing too because when the power goes out where we live so does our water source. We have a well and the pump is controlled electrically. I wouldn’t be able to wash my hands after cleaning those grimy cat boxes. We have three so as I make my way from box one to box two and then three, I wash my hands after each hideous box, a total of three times, scrubbing in hot soapy water and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star—because the song sung once gives the hand-washer enough time to correctly scour away any filthy, disgusting germs obtained from cleaning kitty’s toilet. Plus, the thought of spreading E-coli spores about the house gives me the heebie-jeebies.

But, I digress.

After making the pie, popping it into the fridge to chill and then wiping down the counters, I rewarded myself with some long overdue reading and two cat naps both interrupted by cats (not really, I just had to write that). Okay, the cat’s out of the bag! Ack! I can’t stop. Okay, the naps were interrupted by… waking (te he) and what a rude thing THAT is. Then, Lupe started blowing off the driveway, blowing off the decks and patio, and, well, my logy day ended.

I called OPALCO. They’d left a message for all of their happy customers (grr), stating that electrical service would be restored around 3 p.m. and by 3:10 with a burp, the refrigerator came back to life. The whirr of heaters filled the airwaves and the dryer thumped back into commission. No wonder I had been able to sleep so well today. The only sounds you could hear came from a cat purring, a dog smacking his lips or pages of my lovely book turning.

We tune out the background noise but it’s there. Buzzing, hissing, ringing in electric tones that keep us alert to their existence. At least, their sounds keep me alert. I’m one of these people that hear when a TV has been turned on even when the sound level is set to zero.

What a lovely escape with no electricity.

Today normally would’ve been a rather hectic day. Funny how things work out. When your expectations make you look left, something will come along from out of the right.

Whimsy plays such an incredible roll in our day-to-day activities.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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