And, Why Would Anyone Care About This?

Last night was not what I would deem a particularly good night… it was a GREAT night!

EasyAsPie_frontcover_small160x160 After working for eight hours on work stuff, writing stuff, on my book tour for EASY AS PIE AT BOBBY’S DINER, I cleaned the house and put all of our dirties and messies back into order. When the house begins to look like a big laundry bin, I start to get a little nervous. When cat fur tumbleweeds blow softly across our oak floor because a wall heater kicks on, I start to get a little nervous. When some unidentifiable puddle on a stair shows up after hearing the all too identifiable “hooka hooka hooka” from kitty, be it PNutBudda or RazberryJam or any of the other 12 cats we have, I start to get a little nervous.

To calm my nerves, I close my laptop, and begin to tidy up.

I know what psychologists might say, “Obsessive!” Another one might scream, “Compulsive!” 101_0180

But, I say, “Pee-Shaw-dee-doo-da!” It makes me happy. I actually feel joy when I wipe off my counters after a brisk squirting down from the Windex bottle (see joke about Windex below). I actually feel lighter when I wipe off fingerprint smudges from my stainless steel refrigerator. And, I am simply elated when I scour the toilet with Bon Ami followed up with the necessary rinsing of Chlorox Clean-Up.

It feels to me, oh drum-roll please and tie-in to writing…

like EDITING! Ta dum!

Everyday after I write I do the same thing, clean the house, if you will. I go back over my previous day’s work and tidy up my manuscript. This too gives me joy.

Now, I really don’t have a bunch of time to dwell on housework and editing this morning because today I have my radio show, DIALOGUE: BETWEEN THE LINES. It’s a weekly show that my co-host, Joshua Graham and I air on Thursdays, live at 10 a.m. PST.

However! I will be blogging more about this topic tomorrow. So, if you’re as extreme about getting the house clean AND editing as I am, well, then, maybe you will care about today’s posting, maybe, just a little.

(Windex joke: You know how Windex works on household cleaning, of course, and it’s used for sparkling up jewelry… well, they just came out with a new use for Windex. If you ever feel the urge to run naked through the streets, just spray it all over yourself because… Windex prevents streaking!)

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