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BROKEN DEER by Susan Wingate—Installment #2

She leaned forward as if imparting the most important lesson to me on this entire earth. “Someday, might never come. ‘Member that, Sissy, and you got this here world by the tail.” She smacked the arm of the wheelchair laughing out loud. “Live today. Only. You ain’t never look back, then.”

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BROKEN DEER, a novel by Susan Wingate (Serialized)

I reached over to the plate on the wicker table she had out on her porch, to get one more cookie, to take one more sip of the thick creamy sweet milk she served. It made me wonder why my own mom’s milk tasted different. Maybe the difference came because of the stories Miss Clancy’d tell, sweet like that milk.

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Susan Wingate & Joshua Graham’s Radio Show “DIALOGUE: Between the Lines” Undercut by BlogTalkRadio Format!

Unfortunately, after BlogTalkRadio changed its free show formatting from 1-hour shows per day to only 1/2-hour shows, we felt a bit forced to opt-in to BTR’s fairly expensive pay-for services. We had enjoyed a short-lived 4 months or so of 1-hour shows and felt our listenership might be short-changed if we allowed BTR to undercut our existing formula which allows us to feature an author, agent, publisher or other professional in the publishing industry for no fewer than 30 minutes each show.

If we had reduced our airtime to only a half-hour, it would’ve meant we would reduce our featured guest spots to only 15 minutes. Rest assured… WE REFUSE TO DO THAT!

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Nostalgic Writing

In just six days it will be the anniversary of my father’s death. For whatever reason, my sister and I go through a series of memory acts. I guess you can call them that. We drag out photos, letters and other memorabilia that takes us back to a time when dad was still alive.

It feels healing. It feels like we’re going through a cleansing. It feels necessary.

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