DIALOGUE: Between the Lines – Today’s Guest, author Ryan M. Williams

I know my co-host, Joshua Graham, feels the same way I do when I say, I cannot wait for our guest this morning. I first met Ryan M. Williams at a master writing class in Lincoln City, Oregon, the fall of 2009.

His writing not only sets the reader in an exact spot, at an exact moment with an exact sense of a mood he wishes to evoke, but his writing was chosen time after time in the top ten as we participants acted as “editors” of our own short story anthologies.

Plus, Ryan is a friend to me. How could he not be after two grueling weeks working side-by-side for up to 20 hours a day, nonstop.

Anyway, please follow the link to DIALOGUE and give Ryan your undivided attention. You’ll not regret it!

Thanks and can’t wait to hear from you.

All my besties! –Susan Wingate.

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