Susan Wingate & Joshua Graham’s Radio Show “DIALOGUE: Between the Lines” Undercut by BlogTalkRadio Format!

… with Susan Wingate & Joshua Graham.Dialogue-square 

It’s been our policy from the get-go to never, ever charge a guest to be on our show, DIALOGUE: Between the Lines–never, ever. DIALOGUE’S policy still hasn’t changed.

Joshua Graham and I remain fixed to that end, to never make our guests pay for the opportunity to speak live with us on this increasingly popular and ever-entertaining online radio show.

Unfortunately, after BlogTalkRadio changed its free show formatting from 1-hour shows per day to only 1/2-hour shows, we felt a bit forced to opt-in to BTR’s fairly expensive pay-for services. We had enjoyed a short-lived 4 months or so of 1-hour shows and felt our listenership might be short-changed if we allowed BTR to undercut our existing formula which allows us to feature an author, agent, publisher or other professional in the publishing industry for no fewer than 30 minutes each show.

If we had reduced our airtime to only a half-hour, it would’ve meant we would reduce our featured guest spots to only 15 minutes. Rest assured… WE REFUSE TO DO THAT!

We will continue airing one-hour shows every week, every Thursday at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.

However, because of the increase in BTR service costs, we have decided to establish sponsor ads. These ads are unavoidable due to BTR’s costly change in policy. But, one thing is for sure, these ad rates will remain very low in order we cover only the pass-through expense from BTR.

So, we developed the following nominal rates described below. And, we hope you might consider one of these highly visible and extremely inexpensive advertising options. Again, we consider these corporate rates as we DO NOT CHARGE AUTHORS, AGENTS, PUBLISHERS OR OTHER INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS WHO APPEAR ON OUR SHOW AS GUESTS.

  • $5 per month rate – your organization will receive a brief on-air mention such as, “Sponsored by ABC Office Center,”
  • $10 per month rate – you organization will receive an on-air mention + a phone number and website, such as, “Sponsored by ABC Office Center, at 123/555-1234,,
  • $15  per month rate – your organization will receive the benefits of both the $5 & the $10 rates + a small JPG image added to the DIALOGUE webpage.
  • $20 per month rate – your organization will receive all three benefits of the above rates + a JPG file on our BTR page AND your website link placed on the DIALOGUE Facebook Page under the information tab (in websites).

Again, we were pretty disheartened when BTR made this change. And, we hope you might consider helping support DIALOGUE through your advertising sponsorship.


All the best! –Susan Wingate.

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