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Remembering Life as a Kid and Charlie Brown

The conductor taps his baton and the score opens with that ever familiar plunky tune from when I was a kid, and, all of the sudden the issue about our seats fades into a flotsam of an amazing set, wonderful lighting, music that stirs memories of childhood in front of our TV, the one with rabbit-ear antennae and a dial that clicked to UHF and VHF and hissed off and got all snowy if someone accidentally brushed by the antennae and knocked it out of place.

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Mother Loves an Eclair (p.s. nothing yet from Uncle Bert)!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. It started out sunny with few clouds in the sky there existed this sense of hope and good cheer. Well, the day never let me down. Bob had promised to go with me to church. We attend a Presbyterian church here on our little island where the pastor, Pastor Joe, offers spiritual…

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In the Land of Delusia!

Life feels right, up here in Delusia. Looking down from my aerie throne—a throne of gold, silver, brass and copper—we watch as clouds waft by below the buckles on my sandals. We feel content.

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