Slugs are People Too!

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Maybe you think I’m going to rag (again) on people who act like no good, lousy rotten half-brained, waste-of-time-criminals. But, no.

Maybe you think this post will discuss slovenly people who loll about eating lavender butter cookies and watching Law & Order all day. But, no.

And, maybe. Just maybe you think I will analyze all of the synonyms of the word “slug.” But, no.

What I want to talk about today hopefully will enlighten you to a new world. A new way of thinking about people, sure, nature, hopefully, the world and all it’s amazing creatures? Absolutely!

Slugs ARE people too.

It’s true. A few weeks ago Robert (our dog) got knee surgery. Because he couldn’t use his leg all that much the surgeon told me I had to carry him up and down any stairs. Well, we have stairs up to the front door and down from all of the other exits in our house. Not to mention (but I am), the interior set of stairs up to our bedroom.

So, one day, as I carried Robert down to go pee-pee-poo-poo outside, I walked by two slugs–a big dark brown one and a small one that looked a lot like the big one. Genetic resemblance? Possibly.

Anywho, as I stepped over the pair, it seemed the small one had slithered (because that’s how they get around) into a pile of bird feces. It seemed the large one was pointed at the smaller one and watching as the slug-tot moved through the mess.

And, then I stepped BACK over it, lifted Robert up onto the porch and we both went indoors.

However, a couple of hours later when we came back outside, repeating a scene of Robert’s natural urge, both slugs remained in the same place as when I left them. The little one had begun to deteriorate and die and the large one was still next to it, watching. I swallowed hard, realizing that the larger slug was most likely the smaller’s parent, its mother, its father, but someone who had been entrusted to the smaller’s safety and care.

I used to buy into the whole thing about extricating slugs from gardens but after a while you realize there exist millions upon millions of slugs within the cool wet dirt who eat our dandelions and other flowering weeds. Yes, they eat flowers too but isn’t a wildflower just a weed that one deems as beautiful and, so, keeps? And, a weed we classify as something undesirable.

I mean, the whole weed-to-flower thing relies completely on one’s judgment, really. I love English daisies and some people loathe them calling them things like, “The scourge of the golf course!” And such. But, you get what I’m saying, right? It’s all one’s perspective. Beauty does remain fully in the eye of the beholder. So, back to slugs.

My adult slug there on the cement stepping stone in front of our house, watching its slug-child didn’t leave that spot for an entire day. As it watched the small slug die, it almost appeared as if it would roll over onto its side, as if weakened by the whole experience.

THEN!!! It came back the next day and the large slug swirled around it, albeit very, very slowly but it had made a slimy capsule around the little dead slug and then it left. But, everyday, I would find it every so often next to the dead one. And, then it would leave again.

So, yesterday, when I saw another slug crossing near to the same place, I stopped and bent down to get a very close-up look at the thing. They’re slimy. Yes, but have quite an interesting make up. They have gooey little tentacles that retract and expand. Retracting in the face of danger, almost like a turtle would as it goes into its shell. And expanding as it ambles forward to its destination.

But, here’s the thing! I petted my little friendly slug’s back, or, what I think of as a back. And, after I talked to him, saying, “Hi there, slug,” and sitting back onto my knees, it opened an eye to look at me! Or, maybe it was an ear but it seemed to understand that I wasn’t going to harm him. (Or, her.)

Now, and for sometime, when Robert and I walk outdoors to pee-pee-poo-poo, I am ultra-careful about where I step, and, where Robert steps and pees! Because, now I know that slugs have feelings too, familial feelings and I can’t help to believe that their sense of loss is no less than a human being’s.

There’s much to learn about slugs. So, for a while I’m going to indulge myself in everything slug.

Remember! Please watch your footing through your gardens. Overplant and you’ll have many beautiful weeds for you AND the slugs. Love nature. Be peaceful and serene and try to alter a negative thought into a positive one!

God bless you, Susan.

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