Rainy Days & Wednesdays NEVER Get Me Down

Moving to the Pacific Northwest from the southwestern desert in Phoenix felt like walking out of an oven and into a refrigerator. (please note map–basically a straight climb north to WA from AZ)

At first my bones chilled and needed constant cover–sweats, sweaters, thick woolly socks. Well, none of that has changed much, ’cause I love these kind of cold-weather clothes.

But, when temperatures plummeted down around 20F about a week ago, they had done so after hovering around in the 40’s for nearly two months. Then, BOOM! The island became an ice cube. Talk about shock value. Holy Molina!

And, we got blessed beautiful snow. I love snow. Shuffling through a thick layer of powder in my snow boots makes me feel like a mountain man when I go out to feed the deer. Albeit, I look a bit like Charlie Brown after his mother bundles him up inside twenty coats, a cap with ear flaps and donning his UGG look-alike boots. I feel like part of the earth somehow and more connected to nature. I don’t know, I think it’s the buttery smell of snow that makes me feel this way.

Oh, you didn’t know that? That snow smells like butter? Yes. It. Does. To me, it does. I love snow. I love butter. It’s seems so logical.

Anyway, the twenty-degree weather only lasted for about 4 days and then the thermometer began climbing upwards again. Then, the rains came and washed all my snow away leaving every step outdoors a huge layer of slush and mud. Greens popped so vibrantly I wondered how I didn’t notice their extreme color before. But, it was just a comparison-contrast game in my head playing out through my eyes. Nothing had changed, just my view of something I’d been seeing daily for months–lush, soggy greens.

I’m so happy to live up here in the Northwest where we experience so many different scenes with each changing season. Like a reel-to-reel of our ever-rolling globe.

The twinkling of growth from winter to spring spotting buds bulging on limbs of wild currant. A happy dance bursting of colors–fuchsia, carnelian, cerulean, cadmium, lilac–all screaming in unison, “It’s summer!” Nostalgic trees and shrubs blushing with golds and oranges as they sachet fully into fall. And, then, once again, courageous flora as they strip bare naked to welcome the winds of winter again. All white and gray as if praying before a peacemaker’s altar–a neutral place with a judgment yet to tell.

Every season I hear myself say, “This is my favorite season.” So, thank you winter for always bringing such joy into my heart. Thank you spring for being just around the corner.

And, thank you for reading this post. -Susan 🙂


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