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Now, remember, this story is reader-interactive. So, float your cursor over some of the photos, links and audio clips. When you find one, press it and funny and amazing things will happen! If you didn’t find the links in the previous chapter, go back by pressing: Chapter One


The air felt crisp and rustled my spiky hairs as Delilah galloped along the streets, me hanging onto her like a cowboy holding onto the reigns of his trusty steed. Finally, we reached Morlson’s home.

Delilah jumped up high to the dumpster there behind Morlson’s bedroom window. Then she launched herself, I nearly fell off but a spear of silk shot out, like, automatically, and attached itself to her ear.

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SPIDER BRAINS by Susan Wingate

My problem? There are two major-stager problems in my life. My meds, for starters. They say I’m ADD. Yeah. Like, so, I concentrate on the moment du jour. What’s wrong with that?
Then, there’s the issue with my grades. They suck. And, my teacher, Ms. Morlson. She hates my guts! She holds my going or not going to the U in the palm of her cold calloused clammy hands.

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The test was this: if the creature moved from point A to point B while my eyes were shut, it proved that whatever this thing was, it was on the move, crawling, alive and most definitely, kinda, sorta spooky.

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Romance Author, Tina Gayle–TODAY!

Friday night sitting at a booth in a nice, romantic restaurant, Jen silently wished she could enjoy the subdued atmosphere, and order a rib eye steak. Instead, her hands shook and her stomach churned with doubt. The survival skills, she’d learned after becoming a real estate agent demanded a calm composed front, but she couldn’t pull it off.

Hell, who was she fooling?

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10a PST-Dialogue welcomes author of TIME WITCH, Jacqueline Corcoran to Dialogue. Join @susanwingate and @joshuagraham TODAY!

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From #1 Amazon Bestseller comes SPIDER BRAINS, Wingate’s debut YA novel. Pre-sale orders at @susanwingate @barnesandnoble novel

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The Charlie Galileo Project

After a long weekend–Friday to Monday–of DROWNING getting to a #1 Bestseller spot on, Valentine’s Day rolled in and all its romance.

Flowers traded with Bob, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a lovely boxed pizza for dinner–WHAT!? Yes. Aren’t we the gourmet set or not?

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