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SPIDER BRAINS, Ch. 7 "Butt String"

Morlson kept her windows cracked about an inch because she liked to “feel the draft as it wafted through lifting the light curtains and stilling the muggy interior” of her home.

(I know this because she’d written it once as an example for some lame homework assignment. She was subbing for Mr. Rally, our cooler and REAL English teacher. Morlson got all teary when she read it too, like it was some award-winning literary masterpiece and we should all cower at her words. Bleek!)

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SPIDER BRAINS Read chapters 1 to 7~No. 1 Amazon Bestselling Author, Susan Wingate ebook YoungAdult bully

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Free for you, today! SACKOONS—a short scifi/fantasy. Drowning by Susan Wingate @drowningbysusan @susanwingate @dialoguebtl @bubblecow free ebook fiction scifi fantasy

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SPIDER BRAINS: A Love Story, Chapter Six!

SIX – Music Soothes the Savage Beast

Okay. Remember, now, my grades.

They had been getting much better since mom got me my stupid glasses, from which I’ll probably suffer irreparable psychological damage.

The subject I showed most improvement in was reading, of course, like, duh, who knew, but I also improved in classes I hadn’t been so savvy in like math and history and civics and science and band (I play the alto saxophone), and, well, all of the classes really.

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