Writing Today's "10-item To-do" List and Staying Motivated

At the end of reading this insanely interesting post of what today’s to-do list looks like, there will be a sweet little FREE treat for you. <Skwee!> I hear you scream! But, it’s only fair ’cause this is a truly lame post. You’ve been forewarned.

“Tell us about the free treat! Tell us about the free treat!”

Calm down. It’s just a book. My latest Young Adult Fantasy SPIDER BRAINS: A Love Story.

You can contact me by filling in the form and telling me why you must have SPIDER BRAINS. That’s part of the deal. Heck, if I’m giving it away for free, you should have to pay something. No? Or, does that defeat the whole “free” thing concept? Hmm…

So, have some fun with me, please. Obviously, I’m a bit laggered from weekend just past.

Now, for another little fun activity… Find the word (or words-one may rhyme with “haggard”) that doesn’t exist. If you include that word in your contact form to me, I’ll not only give you SPIDER BRAINS for free but DROWNING as well!

<Skwee!> I hear you yell again (but this time louder).

  • Item #1 – Drink plenty of tea and then switch to coffee for the REAL energy jolt you need this morning.
  • Item #2 – Futz around on Facebook and Twitter and bounce around to some weird or interesting blogs (think Lorca Damon and her trampolining post this morning)
  • Item #3 – Mix Zenequin & water for Raz’s urinary tract infection–she still had one antibiotic leftover from my sojourn away this past weekend to Wenatchee’s Write on the River Writers Conference.
  • Item #4 – Send Kay Kenyon an email telling her she just must, must, must Skype with me sometime soon… sort of sound like a stalker when you write this email. I think it will add something. 🙂
  • Item #5 – Make sure you blog about something fascinating, like a to-do list.
  • Item #6 – I suppose you should write at some point. Write about monkeys eating brie and chasing bird feathers while they wisp and float down to the ground from the tippy top of your Noble fir tree in the back. It will be sort of like Wizard of Oz meets John Muir–a woodsy snippet set in la la land and evoking among readers the urge to eat bananas and walk in the woods while singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.
  • Item #7 – Find the smell… gak.
  • Item #8 – Clean the cat boxes, “do” the birds and animal bowls, replenishing all their little nummies.
  • Item #9 – Stalk CC Humphries a little. It will be fun. (Well, it should be since he referred to himself as an “old theatre tart from way back” this Saturday at the writers conference). Tell him you want to interview him. <wink> <wink> That always gets ’em.
  • Item #10 – Write your “to-do” list for tomorrow.
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