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Making a Human Character

Whenever a story presents itself, usually a main characterwalks onto the stage of my mind and begins to talk and behave and seem human enough. The character takes on some bodily form. They usually have a problem that they want to tell me about and I… View Post shared via

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Pnut Budda, the Miracle Cat

My cat tries not to notice my toe as I run it under the sheets and quilt. Her bodies twitches and then she flips upside down. She purrs a loud motor boat purr and keeps one claw dug deep into the quilt’s fabric. She’s pretending not to care.

PNut Budda, a fluffy long hair calico, is one of 12 cats living with us—me, Bob, Robert (our Westie) and Rocky (our old Cocker), and the 14 birds.

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