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When I first met Lorca Damon I was touring my Bobby’s Diner Series about two years ago. Lorca had interviewed me for GoodEreader’s Ebook of the Week. Among other things, Lorca works with GoodEreaders, she writes books, she blogs but most importantly she makes me laugh. A lot! Lorca Damon writes like a woman consumed and with no holes barred. She writes whatever is on her mind. And, most of what is on her mind would’ve made Bob Hope bow in honor to her.

There are times I read her posts in bed and laugh so hard I wake up Bob and those posts are great but today Lorca writes as her real self, with real issues and concerns. She even warned me about this post as if I would magically stop enjoying the way her mind works because of its serious nature. She said, “I know you’re expecting something funny, but my life isn’t that hilarious at the moment.” What I read made me understand the depth of this incredible writer.

Here’s what she sent. Lorca calls this post: “Sometimes You Just Have To”

There is a short list of things that you have to do in life, and a long list of things you should do. Pay your taxes is on the short list, wear your seatbelt is on the long list. Make sure the chicken is cooked thoroughly is on the short list, get plenty of exercise is on the long list.

But what do you do when the short list and the long list blur into one jumble of things that just have to be done?

I made a casual decision twenty years ago when I was in college. No, get your mind out of the gutter. I didn’t sleep with an entire fraternity and give up somebody’s love child for adoption. But it was just as random an act. I saw a sign asking students to register on the bone marrow registry list, so without really thinking about it I rolled up my sleeve to give a tube full of blood. Then I kept walking because I knew no one would ever call me.

They called in June. Twenty years later, and they called.

There’s a man somewhere in the country and there is no one else out there who has the same exact type of bone marrow that he does. No one but me. Not his wife, or his kids, or his golf buddies. No one from his church, they all lined up to check for him. Just me.

So while the short list says that I have to do this, the long list just says that I should. But in the twenty years since I carelessly rolled up my sleeve, I’ve become a wife and a mother. I have a job that can’t be done unless I show up every day. I’m not the same person I was back then and I can’t afford to take risks with my body just because the short list and the long list decided to blend.

No, don’t judge me yet. I know you’re waiting to hear so I’ll tell you. I’ve always been a short list kind of girl. The moment I was called, the first question they asked me was whether or not I was even still interested. Still interested in doing something on the short list? To personally decide that someone else gets to live? Of course I was interested. It was on the short list.

But it was sealed for me when I heard what they had to say: He hasn’t decided to go through with it.

For the patient, fighting wasn’t on the short list. It wasn’t even on the long list. He has been fighting for years and this is going to be just more fighting, but this time, even the fighting can kill him. By the time I was called back that afternoon and told he had decided to try to live, there were no lists anymore. There was just a person who needed me to decide that there was no other choice, that there were no lists.

Lorca Damon’s Bio:

I am a wife, mother, writer, teacher, triathlete, marathon runner, and overall snarky person. I am currently working on my third sixth novel, but please don’t go looking for either of the first two five yet since no one thought they were any good. Except for my mother, who thought the first one was lacking but had nothing but the highest praise for the second one. She has offered to write a review for her hometown newspaper.

Between the hours of midnight and four when I used to do nothing but just lie there, I am now a staff writer for’s online magazine and am very proud of my articles for the Indie Author Initiative.

Please follow me on Twitter @LorcaDamon in case I say anything profound that you feel you cannot miss. Feel free to Friend me on Facebook since I don’t know how it works and therefore cannot stop you. A third cousin of someone I went to junior high school with posts my horoscope on my Facebook wall every day and I am powerless to stop him.

If you are an author and have a compelling story about your experience in publishing, I would love for you to contact me for an article. If you have written an ebook and would like it featured on GoodEReader’s Ebook of the Week, let me know! My email address is lorcadamon at yahoo.

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