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The Third Wish Front CoverTIPS FOR YOUNG READERS


Hi all, I’m Benny from Benny’s Blog, and kids ask me stuff all the time about all sorts of things so I thought I’d give some answers in advance for the really creative kids who ask me questions.


Benny’s Tip 1– The right place.

Hi young creators, clever kids, writers, artists, music lovers… just to name a few… the other day, my friend Deby told me about all the clever and creative kids she was meeting when she gave talks in schoolrooms. It turns out that some of the kids really wanted to write but they couldn’t work out a way to make it happen, so I’ve decided that each week, I’m going to pick some smart kids’ brains and give their best tips to the rest of you. So here goes…

Benny’s Tip #1– THE ‘RIGHT’ PLACE. (For those who don’t live in a unicorn forest.)

WISH - Front CoverNot everyone has a study, studio, private bedroom or that ‘special place.’ But in your head and in your heart you know you want to start writing or do some art or even teach yourself to play the flute! Where to go? Where can you hide and create?

1. For the writers among you, did you know that you can go to your public library and find a nook? Bring something you love with you to help keep you focused, like a favourite pen, wear your lucky top or jeans so that you feel comfortable and ‘homey’. Learn your Librarians name; it doesn’t hurt to have a friend in the library and sometimes it really helps!

2. This one sounds wacky, but Jacob K, a bright kid, says that he’s done this to teach himself to play the flute AND to do some writing and the odd sketch:

Make a space in your wardrobe, shut the door (make sure you can’t get locked inside!) Then turn your laptop on, plug your ears, and write to your heart’s content, or do that sketch that’s been itching to happen, and best of all, it’s practically sound proofed if you want to play that flute! It’s a cosy space that’s too small for anyone but you, and if you don’t have a laptop or computer of your own, then get your battery powered lamp, your pen, notebook, music or whatever it takes, and create, create, create! Jacob shares his house with three sisters and two brothers so that’s how he fixed his ‘private space’ problem.

3. If you have a bedroom and a desk of your own, then there’s nothing to stop you, so get writing, drawing, playing, CREATING!

Benny’s Tip #2When to write: find your best time.

A/ Not everyone has the kind of life where they can switch off from ‘real life’ and write when they want to, and that goes for kids who want to write, too.

WISH AGAIN Front CoverWriting and art and creating can be tough sometimes. Especially if other people don’t think it’s as important as you do. But don’t let that discourage you… stick to your guns and keep on practising until you become really good at it. It can be any time: In the margins of your school books as you listen to your teachers, (yes I know, you aren’t supposed to but some of the world’s most famous art was doodled in the margins of schoolbooks!)

Karol P from Australia tells me that instead of watching TV after school, she writes thoughts, a paragraph or a couple of pages, and sometimes she also does some art last thing at night just before she goes to sleep.

B/ Here’s a tip to help make it happen:

The most important thing to know when you want to be a writer, is to always write down or record your ideas when you have the idea! You’ll tell yourself that you will remember that great idea later, but nine times out of ten, the chances are that you will forget… so jot it down, no matter where you are. You might really like the idea later on and write a whole story about it, or you might decide that you don’t like it at all, but at least you wrote it down and now it’s your choice what you want to do with it. PS –Keep a file of all of your artwork, writings, ideas and keep them, never throw them away. Because one day, it might even be twenty or more years later, you might want to use that precious thought that you had and it might turn out to be the best thing!

I’m sure you’ll find your own special time, and remember, even if it’s only 5 minutes a day, you still did something!

Catch you next time!

Cheers, Benny.

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Deby Adair - July 2012 aAUTHOR BIO’S

Deby Adair is an author, artist, graphic artist and equestrian. An avid follower of the mystical and mysterious, Deby Adair has always loved the purity and truth of unicorns and their archetypal majesty. A past professional equestrian, Deby loves all animals and champions animal rights, the environment and human rights. She believes we must take care of our natural world.

An avid reader all her life, Deby began writing stories, poetry and prose from a very young age, the WISH trilogy is based on many works of writing and art which she produced as a girl but later embellished and created into her three novels.

Writing this trilogy and creating a vast collection of wonderful, exciting art works has occupied her for many years now. We hope you enjoy her much loved books and wonderful artwork as much as Deby enjoyed creating them!



From the mists of time there comes a long-lost tale of unicorns.

‘Wish – Dreams Beginning’, Book One of the Wish trilogy.

When a homeless girl called Rielle and her unusual dog Pud become hopelessly lost in a wild landscape, they find themselves in an untamed forest. Here they meet an enigmatic unicorn who charms Rielle with his cryptic ways. Soon Rielle and Pud find themselves locked into an adventure of soul-seeking, friendship, mystery and truth that is both disarming and sometimes sinister.

Meet unicorns as you’ve never thought of them before; ancient forests and unusual creatures. – Although classified for Children and Teens, this book is also receiving heartfelt reviews from adults.


As a timeworn legend comes to life, can the past be mended and the present put right?

‘Wish Again – Dreams Truth’, Book Two of the Wish trilogy.

Disarming, charismatic and thrilling, this book explores friendship, complex characters, trust and the ethereal beauty and archetypal power of unicorns such as you have never seen unicorns before.

Fast-paced, this book draws you from one chapter to the next in a series of unfolding scenes that send you hurling to its conclusion with bated breath.

Wish Again- Dreams Truth by Deby Adair has been nominated for the 2011 Aurealis Awards – Australia’s Premier Award for Speculative Fiction written by an Australian Citizen.

Although classified for Children and Teens, it is also receiving rave reviews from adults. Wish Again-Dreams Truth-Book Two of the WISH trilogy.


An ancient feud and a race for power, who will have the final victory? And what of the unicorns… which destiny will they be keeping?

In this final book of the Wish trilogy – ‘The Third Wish-Dreams Honour’- the gripping destiny of Rielle and the company of complex characters that become inextricably bound in her adventure, is revealed.

In this powerful, touching and thought-provoking book, the destiny of each character unwinds to reveal how unicorns, humans and First Ones are bound in a quest of honour to an ancient truth.

To do The Third Wish-Dreams Honour full justice, it is best read after reading Book 1, Wish- Dreams Beginning and Book 2, Wish Again-Dreams Truth.

The Third Wish- Dreams Honour by Deby Adair has been nominated for the 2011 Aurealis Awards – Australia’s Premier Award for Speculative Fiction written by an Australian Citizen.

Although classified for Children and Teens, this is not just a children’s book and is also receiving rave reviews from adults. The Third Wish-Dreams Honour-Book Three of the WISH trilogy.



















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