The Art of Writing the Newsletter or "Whatever, It's My Newsletter"


I’ve been uber-busy writing, reading, getting prepared for Christmas and recovering from Thanksgiving. But I haven’t forgotten about my blogging duties. Nor have I forgotten that even though I may be busy, there are folks out there that look forward to these blogs. And to that I say, “Heaven help you!” ūüôā

Anyway, I’ve decided to incorporate my newsletters with my blog and with my website. Not exactly an original idea but I’m just getting into the groove with it.

These¬†eNewsletters¬†come out every now and again, usually monthly. There’s even a new page within my website specifically for these monthly newsletters. You can find that page under my Author Bio tab.

The photo to the right shows a little of what you might read within these letters albeit an eentsy-weentsy font. If you click on the pic, you’ll zoom to the actual website.¬†

The letters are meant for my fans, other writers and friends who might just want to catch up on my writing career. Whoever you are, please know that I appreciate your interest in what I’m doing. Blessings and love to all! -Susan.

To sign up for these newsletters, send me a note at¬†[email protected]¬†and place ¬†in the subject line¬†the words “Sign me up for your¬†fabulous¬†monthly newsletters!”

You can also get to this particular eNewsletter by clicking here.

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