This Ain't Snow

light frost

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the temperatures plummeting to 30 degrees last night.

And it’s not that I don’t believe that it snowed. It did.

But instead of a real pile on, you know, inches of pretty rolling white stuff that covers every bit of earth and foliage making the day shine under the grey lumpy clouds–today, we got a snow sneeze.

It’s as if the weather had a brief but messy allergic reaction to something. Probably to the plethora of corrupt politicians here in the U.S. but I’ll leave that commentary for another day.

And, unfortunately, I can’t take a picture of our sneeze because my batteries are dead in my camera. So… I’ve posted this other picture of really lame snow. But, honestly folks, even this one  is too generous for what came down on our little island early this morning and this pic is a pic of frost!

Still, when I got up I yelled, “It snowed!” and then started amending and editing my statement, grumbling and rolling my eyes.

So, my mission today if I should accept it (and I shall because I’m not yet a full-blown schizo and I’m the one giving myself the mission), is to get to the store for camera batteries. ‘Cause pretty soon I’ll be posting a pic of REAL snow. Wahoo!

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