My Very First Newsletter of 2013

January 2013, the “e”Newsletter

N e w s    I t e m s

  • DROWNING, the Audio Book Available Now on
  • Terry Persun & Susan Offer Free Workshops throughout Summer 2013
  • “The Beach Cabin” – A Short Story by Terry Persun


DROWNING, the Audio Book Available Now through

Available Now! My award-winning novel, “DROWNING” which also ranked #1 in Amazon Best Sellers last February 2012.

Narrated by Moe Rock of Moe Rock Productions, “Drowning” takes on a new life with this amazing voice artist.

For more information about “Drowning” and the audio book, go to this bitly link: which will take you to the or you can find “Drowning” on

Terry Persun & Susan Offer Free Workshops throughout Summer 2013

So, it’s official! The writing coach team of Terry Persun &


Susan Wingate (commonly known as “He Said, She Said”) will be offering four 2-day workshops during the summer. From June until September, you can join us on San Juan Island at Susan’s studio for two days of intense instruction. We’ve also invited an agent and a publisher to be on-hand for personal meetings.


“The Beach Cabin” – A Short Story by Terry Persun

Donald ignored the KEEP OUT signs and drove down the sandy road. The overgrowth was so unnatural, he expected barking dogs running, unseen, in the thicket. Possibly a man with a gun would greet him halfway, but he didn’t care. He drove on with his windows down. Emily would have made him turn around and leave if she were there, he thought, but she wasn’t there. It was easy to frighten her. She was the type who always needed protection.

Don slowed the car and parked near a fence post that once held a wooden gate; now the post was bare and rotted, great veins slid down its height, into the ground. Weeds grew waist high around the dead post, but only calf high in the yard, and shorter blades popped through the cracks in the stone walkway.  (TO READ MORE OF “THE BEACH CABIN” BY TERRY PERSUN, CLICK HERE.)

Thank you for allowing me to update you with my latest newsletter—my very first newsletter of 2013.

Here is more news in the works…

  • Elemental, the anthology is now accepting short story submissions. For more info, just reply to this email and I’ll you the submission guidelines. For more information, email me at [email protected]
  • My YA Novel entitled SPIDER BRAINS, previously published in 2012 will be re-released in the spring of 2013 through ASTRAEA PRESS through their “sweet” fiction line.
  • CATS OF SUMMER—a fantasy novel, has been accepted in an intensive 4-day workshop with Tom Jenks (of Narrative Magazine).


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