My Guest Today is Brian Feinblum–Book Marketing Guru!

I’ve known Brian Feinblum, marketing guru, since I broke out with my first book, way back in the day–long before blogs, Long before Facebook and Twitter had become household names.

Brian contacted me from New York, called me one day. We had a lovely warm discussion about marketing and what plans I had for my book. He had some terrific insights about how to market and promote the novel. After the call, I felt happier and more directed. He didn’t charge me a dime for his time but I knew that when I could spend money with a marketing firm, that firm would be Brian Feinblum’s.  

So, it’s my sincerest honor to welcome to my blog today, Brian. Again, you’ll find that he has offered some great advice on what to do for your books right now.

Below you’ll also find his bio and all of his contact info. Enjoy. Brian’s a true Mensch. 

Chief Marketing Officer/Vice President

Chief Marketing Officer/Vice President


Brian Feinblum has been promoting best-selling authors, self-published books, motivational speakers, major businesses, leading non-profits, and influential trade associations since 1989. He currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President for MEDIA CONNECT.  For the past two years his book publishing blog,, has become quite popular with authors, editors, promoters, publishers and literary agents and book industry insiders.

He has worked with hundreds of diverse and unique clients across many industries. Brian is instrumental in matching new clients with the right services and servicing their needs. He also develops unique services for the company and is respected as one of the best press kit writers in the business.

Prior to joining MEDIA CONNECT, Brian was the Senior Publicist at Lifetime Books for three years. Notable clients included magician David Copperfield and best-selling author Og Mandino. A sampling of the media appearances he scheduled for his authors included Oprah, CNN, and USA Today. He also served as the head of publicity for SPI Books for two years. The stable of authors included the best-selling Dr. Ruth. Featured bookings included Larry King Live, Phil Donahue, Geraldo, Joan Rivers, Sally Jesse Raphael and the Associated Press. Recent experts promoted by Media Connect include acting legend Henry Winkler, comedian Jeff Foxworthy, best-selling parenting expert parenting and relationship expert Hal Runkel, baseball announcer Joe Garagiola, CEO of Lower Manhattan Development Corporation John C. Whitehead, gossip columnist Cindy Adams, and Merrill Lynch Global Philanthropy.

Brian resides with his wife, their two children, a bulldog (Daisy) in New Rochelle, a suburb of New York City. You can follow him on twitter @theprexpert


Half-Billion Tweets A day Sell how Many Books?

Twitter has its fans and detractors.  It also has established itself as being the leading measure of taking the nation’s pulse. If you want an instant polling of America’s reaction to rumors, news, or events, you can find it on Twitter. It is so quick to tabulate a response to what is happening in the world that it creates an impression that then gets responded to and so on and so on, creating its own loop of activity. Twitter and the social media world takes on a life of its own.

So what is the end result?

500,000,000 tweets are sent every 24 hours – and those numbers are growing daily and spike during major events such as a political debate, a hurricane, an election.  One day in the near future there will be a billion tweets a day.  Then two and four billion.  The number is breathtaking.

But what do all of these tweets mean to book publishers and authors?  The more tweets they and the rest of the world generate, the more diluted their impact becomes.  Yet, to not tweet, means to depreciate your positioning in the marketplace and with the news media.  So how does one tweet meaningfully, productively, and profitably?

Like everything else about the book marketing process, you have to show up to have a chance.  This means you cannot have a marketing strategy that does not include Twitter, at least to some degree.  Yet, many authors avoid or dismiss Twitter.

A certain amount of tweets need to be generated during various hours of the day and night, each including hash tags to help with discoverability.  If you tweet often enough – but not to the point you feel burdened by tweeting – and if your tweets are worded just right, you have a chance of strangers reading your tweets and acting on them. They may click on your site and/or buy your book.  They may also retweet your tweets and open your tweet up to many, many others who may otherwise had not heard about you.

Twitter is a bit of lottery and skill, but it allows for novices to compete, at some level, with professional advertisers, marketers, and publicists. There may be a half-billion tweets circulating every day but it only takes one of your tweets to make a difference for your book’s success.

Good luck tweeting – and be sure to tweet this blog post!

Brian Feinblum’s views, opinions, and ideas expressed in this blog are his alone and not that of his employer, the nation’s largest book promoter. You can follow him on Twitter @theprexpert and email him at [email protected]. He feels more important when discussed in the third-person. This blog is copyrighted material by Brian Feinblum.

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