About Submitting Your Writing to Markets

You can’t win if you don’t play.


That, of course, is a famous line from Lottery contest marketing but the gist holds true for writers too. If you don’t submit, no one will have a chance to read your work. If no one reads your work, how in God’s green earth will you ever get published or win contests? The answer? You will not.


It’s scary to submit… I know this. Even after ya-da ya-da years, when I’m just about to hit the SEND key, I still feel the googlies in my stomach.


Let me put it this way, if I had never submitted my work when the call for submissions to the Virginia Quarterly Review crossed my desk, I would never have the publication credit when they selected my poem, The Dance of Wind in Trees.


If you feel intimidated, call someone to talk you down, email a friend, a colleague. Heck! Email me. I’ll help. But just get your work out there. You’ll be amazed when someone says to you, “I love this piece and want to publish it.”




Virginia Quarterly Review



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