Chapter 3 of "Susan's Story" – A Tale of Mediocre Excitement and Plenty of Yawn-Quality

This one is for you. Yes, you! The person who has waited an entire week. Or, 7 days, or 168 hours, or 10,080 minutes, or 604,800 seconds for my next quasi-interesting installment of “Susan’s Story,” Chapter Three.

First, let me say that I cried as I neared the end of the final show for the Dexter series–eight years watching edge-of-your-seat shows.

Well, this ain’t that.


And, when I think of you, dear readers of my blog, I can’t help but commiserate. Ho hum. Maybe I should buy each and every one of you this tee-shirt ===>

But! That would be expensive so why don’t you just copy it, paste it into your Word document, print it out onto a white sheet of paper, cut it out and either staple it or safety-pin it to the front of your shirt. Come to think of it, you might just want to buy it at where all of these funny tee-shirts live.

Trust me, those tee-shirts will be much more interesting than reading Chapter Three of “Susan’s Story” which is right below. Can you feel your eyelids begin to sag? Again, I’m terribly sorry–for two things: one, that you’re subjected to such substandard ca-ca-poo and, two, that I spent half a day creating 14 chapters of substandard ca-ca-poo.

If you need to catch-up (seriously?) and re-read Chapter Two, well, Heaven help you but, here’s the link to that:

Here you go…

Susan’s story!-Ch.3

My literary agent, Patrick, tells me my books are much better than these stupid posts (his words) and to promote those instead [emphasis added], so, in deference to Patrick, you’ll find the link to my books here: SUSAN WINGATE’S BOOKS!!! 🙂

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