Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

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This post was originally published in 2010. It’s my tribute to Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy.


And all through the room, the floors needed cleaning but I’d misplaced my broom.

The counters were grimy and covered with soil, no Dawn dish soap liquid could wipe off that oil.

A click clack-y clop clop I heard from the street, and looked out to see it was just crazy Pete.

He’d tied up his goat to the front of his bride, she looked so darned happy and here’s what she cried,

“Come turkey, come gravy, come cranberry jam. I’m hungry I’m hungry please give me a yam. I’d love some more stuffing and green beans and pie, my belly keeps rumblin’, I know you know why!”

With a crack of the whip, Peter pushed down the road, until they came up to the house of the toad.

The toad he did grunt and gurgled and burped, ‘cause he’d eaten a fly with one big ol’ slurp.

He looked up at Pete with his bride and his goat and jumped in the pond where he’d cleated his boat,

Then he oared to the middle and stood on the edge and before he dove in here’s what he said,

“Don’t eat all the trimmin’s don’t drink all the nog. If you do you’ll grow fat as a big hairy hog! Use one simple rule while you sit down to eat, kiss that wife there quite often, you, crazy ol’ Pete!”

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