For Writers Only: Make Yourself an Amazon Bestseller

Yesterday, I mailed out my newsletter offering other authors a chance to try out my method on how to become an Amazon bestseller. I’ve written a white paper that explains my step-by-step process.

There’s a catch, however. Isn’t there always? Simply, the catch hinges on purchasing my latest release–a Christian fantasy entitled The Deer Effect, for only $0.99. The newsletter received a great response. So, for those of you who are not yet signed up for this newsletter do so in order to buy your copy of The Deer Effect and get a free copy of my white paper entitled Make Yourself an Amazon Bestselling Author. This offer will end January 31st.

Once you purchase your copy of THE DEER EFFECT, forward to me the email you will receive from with your “Order Confirmation.”

My email address is susan (at) susanwingate (dot) com.

As soon as I get your forwarded email, I will send you Make Yourself an Amazon Bestselling Author.

You can CLICK HERE to sign-up for my newsletter. Thanks for your time! ~Susan.

The Deer Effect by Susan Wingate

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