Book Club Discounts for THE DEER EFFECT

Book Club Discounts for THE DEER EFFECT available!

book-club-2As of May 2015, deep discounts are being offered to book clubs who order 10 or more copies of award-winning, #1 Amazon bestseller, THE DEER EFFECT. The cost of a single paperback on Amazon has listed the book for $12.59. A 40% discount off Amazon’s list price would be $7.55 plus shipping. And, yeah, keep in mind that shipping is not included on print books. For eBooks, the price for THE DEER EFFECT is now at a low $1.99.

To order paperback copies for your book club, please send an email to [email protected] and someone will contact you promptly.

Book Club Discounts for bulk orders of THE DEER EFFECT will be honored as follows:

For quantities of:

  • 25 to 34, get 40% off
  • 15 to 24, get 30% off
  • 10 to 14, get 25% off

05072015-TDE-BookCover1-PBRAward-NGIBAwardImage-ClippedAwardsEye of the Needle Press, is a inspirational and Christian publisher and alerted me today about offering these deep discounts of THE DEER EFFECT. If you are part of a book club and would like to suggest this offer to your members, just shoot over an email and we apply the discounts to your order.

If shipped in bulk to a central location, shipping costs would be nominal.

Here is the book’s blurb off of Amazon:
Once in a while a story comes along that resonates with the very essence of what we call “humanity,” and speaks to readers of every age. The Deer Effect is that story – a phenomenal #1 Amazon bestseller lauded for its artistic touch, its tender tapping at emotion, and its mesmerizing ability to speak to the hearts of readers around the world.

“ONE BRITTLE LEAF FOUND ALONG our usual path proved the days had gone wintry. Papery thin as onion skin–blanched from frosty temperatures and yellowing like the pages of an old Bible, the leaf’s long slender shafts, crooked and dry, painted my world. The blue sky dragged me out that Sunday in December—December 5, 2010, if you must know—when the temperature rose to only forty-two Fahrenheit. What was I thinking?

Hold on. Wait a second. Let me back up just a tad. For your information, I’m dead. Although I speak of myself, make no mistakes. I died this day…”

So, the story begins about Hannah Demsey who is found dead near the body of a fawn on the side of the road. Rob, Hannah’s husband, sets out on a journey to find the killer. With his faith waning, all truths change when Rod comes face-to-face with the only person who can tell him how his wife really died. THE DEER EFFECT is a story of loss, redemption and forgiveness.

THE DEER EFFECT is the winner of the 2015 Pacific Book Awards in the category of Christian fiction and a finalist award winner in the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book A wards for the category of inspirational fiction.


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