The Dementia Chronicles #3

Sorry I haven’t written this week until now. Bob and I had a glitch in the progress of building the new place for mom. For those of you who don’t know, we had a half-completed garage to start with. Then, in November, started reorganizing some animals out of the garage and into two new aviaries and the laundry room.

It took two carpenters to finish the aviaries–the first quit in the middle of building the first structure. The second contractor finished the first aviary and then built a second one. Then, he got started on converting our half-garage/half-room into a beautiful “idea” of a studio apartment for my mother. But, as things go on our island, he got a pending, bigger job and had to stop work on our project. Bob and I took a collective “gulp” when we got the news. That was only three weeks ago and we only had the rough-in plumbing done and the kitchen cabinets up.

After worrying a bit, we knew it was all for a better purpose. That’s how God is. He lays something in front of you–good or bad and you have to accept it. I have to tell you, excepting this wasn’t an easy pill to swallow. I was angry. Bob too. We scrambled and worried but as you know worry is the opposite of faith. So, Bob and I began praying instead.

We brushed off our leisure wear, strapped on work pants and steel-toed boots and got on it ourselves. Not to mention, God gave us a small miracle when, after making some desperate phone calls, one the most sought after stone masons availed himself to us in order to finish mom’s new fireplace. This man’s crew are not only talented and quick, they are good men–with hearts toward Jesus, kind and gentle men.


It seemed Bob and I pulled the rogue train back onto the track. Not without a thousand prayers, of course.

And Bob’s been a champ. He worked like crazy even after getting home from his regular work. I packed away my keyboard. We slipped on mud gloves and slapped up some brick and mortar, cut trim, painted, lay tile and laminate flooring, and basically are finishing the things left undone that we could finish.

We also have relied heavily on our favorite electrician, Rick, who always shows up fast when we have a problem. The plumber comes this morning and will take a huge load off our minds. The masons will be here too and on Monday they will finish their work.

Today, Saturday and Sunday, Bob and I will be finishing the floors and buttoning up a few smaller projects. Then, the room will be turnkey–ready for mom.

I just pray she thinks it’s as awesome as we do and will love it and not let it kill her spiritually. I could really use your prayers on this. My sister will be flying up from Phoenix on Thursday and we’ll move mom together, of course, with Bob. Always with Bob helping.

Here’s my prayer: Thank you, God for all of the people who have helped us on this project. Thank you for my sister. Thank you for Bob. Thank you for my mom.

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