Writing as Art and Art for Writing

Writing as Art and Art for Writing has been a point of contention among writers for a while now. Here’s my take.

As a writer, I lean on the creative nature of writing when I work on literary pieces more than when I write commercial work. Please, before you say anything, yes, I know that all stories–whether literary or commercial–have artistic value.

I know this because I write both. Still…

When I write literary pieces, I find myself getting lost in the artistic nature of word choice and sentence structure versus when I write commercial pieces. My commercial pieces find their art and creativity in developing interesting plot twists and scenes, character traits and conflict–which, by the way, all takes place in literary fiction too. But a literary reader is much more inclined to stay with a story that contains more artistic phrasing than a commercial reader.

Enough about writing though. I didn’t start this blog to talk about writing. Not really. I started writing this blog to discuss art in writing and writing in art. As the title suggests.

As an artist, I not only write but I explore other creative avenues. I sing. I dance. I cook. I garden. I build things with power tools. Oh yes I do! I enjoy making videos and photography. But I also love to paint. My mother (who I’ve been writing about in my blog series THE DEMENTIA CHRONICLES) is a veteran painter. She also branched out to sculpture and even bought a kiln to bake clay. Mom’s art gene stuck in me with painting just as dad’s did with writing.

I like to paint because it taps into an entirely different type of art–one that I’m not really any good at but one I love and have fun with. A few of my paintings are even hanging in the Louvre. Not really. But there are a few of my pieces hanging around our home.

This one I painted a few years back. I asked my mother if she could guide me as I went. I can’t tell you how many times she laughed at me while I was painting. Mom’s paintings are realistic. Mine? Abstract–and not because I know abstract so well but because I cannot paint! LOL.

Susan Art - A Vase with Flowers

Now, here’s one of my mother’s.

art-abstractnude2Notice how distinct her lines are. How perfect? Mine are painted like a person with the Delirium tremens.

But even though I’m not a very talented painter, painting informs my writing. I learn new ways to describe detail. Painting with oils helps me paint pictures through my words. I wish it worked backwards. Maybe then I could paint better! I’m simply stretching my creative “bones” into other arts in order to broaden my creativity base and brain function.

Anyway, this post was meant to be fun more than meaningful. If you learned something from it, great.

Maybe you can stretch your creative nature too by branching out into another art.

Write on! Paint on! Or, um, whatever you wish.

I write books. ~Susan.

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