Title My Next Book and Win a Prize!

NameMyNextBookTitle my next book and win a prize!

You heard right. I’m having a competition for help titling my next novel!

Title the sequel to The Deer Effect and win eBooks and paperback copies of three award-winning novels:

  • The Deer Effect, 
  • Drowning, and 
  • Bobby’s Diner, and
  • A $10 Amazon giftcard!

These are the guidelines:
1. If you haven’t already, please “like” my author page: www.facebook.com/authorsusanwingate,
2. Post a comment with your idea for a title,
3. Send me an email to susan(at)susanwingate(dot)com and in the subject line copy and paste this: I have an idea for your next book’s title! Once you send this email you will be officially entered into the competition,
4. Use this book blurb for your title idea:

After Hannah and Fawn’s spirits leave the earthly plain, they set off on a journey toward Nevaeh. But, first, they must pass through the strange land near the Lorensak river which runs with waters that flow with eyes that see, with mortuary poles who watch all who enter the land, and where Hannah and Fawn must escape if they ever wish to pass through the strange land to get to Nevaeh.

Right now, the working title is: “Between Heaven and Earth” and although it’s ‘okay’ I don’t really like it.

5. I will post the winners next Thursday (July 16th) here my blog and on my Facebook author page and he or she will get a $10 Amazon giftcard and three of my top-selling, Amazon bestsellers and award-winning novels–in paperback AND eBooks (The Deer Effect, Drowning and Bobby’s Diner)!!!

Have fun and I can’t wait to hear from you!
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