It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas! Five Free Books For You Today

Get DROWNING by clicking the Christmas Tree!It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! So, I’m offering to you 5 of my most popular books just in time for the holidays. The titles vary in genres and maybe one or more will appeal to you–with award-winnng, #1 bestselling women’s fiction, fantasy, young adult romantic fantasy, paranormal/metaphysical, and there’s even a mystery/thriller box set!

02052015-Drowning-ReVampDROWNING won the category for family drama in the 2011 Forward National Literature Award and with over 25,000 eBook downloads in its first two months out, the book remained a #1 bestseller for nearly two years.

What’s kind of eerie is that I wrote this story several years ago and the fictional situation with Euly’s mother seems to be coalescing with my own mother and what’s going on in her life these days.

With her mother’s death only days away and her marriage falling apart, Euly Winger leaves home and returns to the place she grew up in order to uncover a dark secret about her parent’s divorce.On her search for answers, Euly meets up with an old family friends–some offer help, some disaster. Euly returns home just hours before her mother dies. As they sit alone together, Euly asks her mother for the truth.A suspenseful and inspirational read, DROWNING, a story of love and redemption. Mainstream women’s fiction/family drama category.

Get DROWNING by clicking the Christmas Tree!

Get DROWNING by clicking the Christmas Tree!

Way of the Wild Wood by Susan WingateWAY OF THE WILD WOOD is a lyrical fantasy about Meg Nightly, a young girl whose oppressive father has gone abusive from the grief of losing his wife, Meg’s mother.

“When you’re surrounded by darkness, a powerful light will lead you home.”

The time is mid-1970 in back country called Whisker Ridge. Eleven-year-old Meg Nightly runs away into Fennel Forest to escape her grieving father’s abuses. When she gets lost, she experiences a magical awakening. But her father goes on the hunt for Meg, to bring her back. Will he prevail or will he succumb to the woods?

WAY OF THE WILD WOOD is a story of love lost, redemption, and faith.


“A beautiful story, tender and poignant.” ~Emily Reed

“Fantasy the way it should be with characters that will stay with you for the rest of your life.” ~Paul Langford

“One of the most sensitive stories I’ve ever read. I can’t wait for the second one to come out.” ~Serena Stevens

Get WAY OF THE WILD WOOD by Clicking the Christmas Tree!

Get WAY OF THE WILD WOOD by Clicking the Christmas Tree!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00047]TROUBLED IN PARADISE: A Love Story, is just that–a story of love lived, lost and found. Troubled in Paradise is a young adult romantic fantasy reminiscent Spider-Man as a girl but with a bit more of The Princess Diaries thrown in.

Susie Speider has big troubles. She suffers from A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) and her future now lies in the cold, calloused palm of her gnarly teacher’s hand–a, one, Ms. Morl-son. Susie fears Morlson will block her chances of getting into college.

But when a small black arachnid bites her on the finger, Susie’s nights transform into fantastical adventures. The problem? Susie fig-ures out the dreams are REAL! So, she ups the ante by visiting Morlson nightly… as the SPIDER! (on the back of faithful feline, Delilah)

Through all of her high school trials, Susie must come to terms with the death of her father. While Matt Ryder, the geeky boy living across the street, deals with the loss of his own mother.

Get TROUBLED IN PARADISE by Clicking the Christmas Tree!

Get TROUBLED IN PARADISE by Clicking the Christmas Tree!

THE DEER EFFECT may be my prized possession these days. After winning FOUR literary awards in 2015, I tend to think this story is my favorite. Maybe you will too.

WINNER OF FOUR LITERARY AWARDS! Winner 2015 eLIT BOOK AWARDS for religious fiction, Winner 2015 PACIFIC BOOK REVIEW for Christian Fiction, Finalist 2015 USA BEST BOOKS AWARD for Religious Fiction, and Finalist in the 2015 NEXT GENERATION INDIE BOOK AWARD for inspirational Fiction.

Once in a while a story comes along that resonates with the very essence of what we call “humanity,” and speaks to readers of every age. THE DEER EFFECT is that story – a phenomenal #1 Amazon bestseller lauded for its artistic touch, its tender tapping at emotion, and its mesmerizing ability to speak to the hearts of readers around the world.

“ONE BRITTLE LEAF FOUND ALONG our usual path proved the days had gone wintry. Papery thin as onion skin–blanched from frosty temperatures and yellowing like the pages of an old Bible, the leaf’s long slender shafts, crooked and dry, painted my world. The blue sky dragged me out that Sunday in December—December 5, 2010, if you must know—when the temperature rose to only forty-two Fahrenheit. What was I thinking?

Hold on. Wait a second. Let me back up just a tad. For your information, I’m dead. Although I speak of myself, make no mistakes. I died this day…”

So, the story begins about Hannah Demsey who is found dead near the body of a fawn on the side of the road. Rob, Hannah’s husband, sets out on a journey to find the killer. With his faith waning, all truths change when Rod comes face-to-face with the only person who can tell him how his wife really died.

THE DEER EFFECT is a Christian fantasy, psychological suspense with metaphysical and paranormal brush strokes.

Get THE DEER EFFECT by Clicking the Christmas Tree!

Get THE DEER EFFECT by Clicking the Christmas Tree!

012015-DetectiveInk-BookCover-Boxset-3DDETECTIVE INK is a collaborative effort between five authors who tend to write mystery/thrillers but who often stray into other genres. The authors in this box set are: Michael Hiebert, Jeff Ayers, Mimzi Schradi, Terry Persun, and me. The stories are as unique as the writers themselves but a little more fun than the writers themselves <wink>.

The DETECTIVE INK mysteries and thrillers all revolve around cases received at the NYC private investigation firm called Detective Ink. Featuring detectives Ryan Scott, Jamee Patterson, Fred Lancing, Eszti Horvath, and Nate Harrison–all forensics specialists in their own right. Award-winning, New York Times and Amazon Bestselling Authors including: Jeff Ayers who wrote “Assassin’s Agenda”, Mimzi Schadi who wrote “The IT Girl”, Terry Persun who wrote “Coming Clean”, Susan Wingate who wrote “Numbers Game”, and Michael Hiebert who wrote “Luv, Lila”.
Detective Ink was born from a longing to write with other authors. Each author in this first collaboration had a similar hope to work with like-minded mystery and/or thriller authors.After envisioning the New York City setting and workplace called Detective Ink–a Private Investigation firm, each author has become one of the employee detectives there. For instance, Susan’s background is in accounting and, therefore, her character Jamee Patterson is a forensics accountant. Terry Persun’s background is in engineering and likewise, his character Fred, the janitor was an engineer in the air force. Each author brings his or her own special background into each story which makes for a very personal read and, possibly, a peek into the author’s character. All the while muddying facts (or not) through these fictional tales.***Only the authors know what true and what’s not***
Oh, a note on these characters at Detective Ink–each has a sordid past in one fashion or another–a secret they are trying desperately to conceal. If you enjoy reading stories by James Patterson, Nora Roberts and Sue Grafton, you’ll love this box set of mystery/thrillers by The 5 Prime Authors writing for DETECTIVE INK.
Get DETECTIVE INK by Clicking the Christmas Tree!

Get DETECTIVE INK by Clicking the Christmas Tree!

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