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Great book November 2, 2015
I loved this book. The writing is excellent and the story is heart warming. It is a story of love and the way we suffer through our humanity. I will be buying all her other books.
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And emotional page turning novel November 1, 2015
This is another captivating work by best selling and award-winning author Susan Wingate. Lead character 11 year old Meg Nightly, will face an array of emotions and circumstances well beyond her years. Her mother’s untimely death will reach no closure as her father will refuse to discuss her death and instead reverts to constant drinking and physically lashing out at Meg. The reader will grasp the vast loneliness in this girl…Read More
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Exquisitely painted word pictures October 28, 2015
I immediately fell under the spell of the Wild Wood. The author grabbed me from the start with the beauty of her exquisitely painted word pictures. Suspenseful and a page turner about loss and searching — about redemption and the “God things” in life.
Five Stars September 3, 2015
Love Susan’s writings. This one brought tears to my eyes.
Exciting read September 1, 2015
As the author of the doublesight world that this story is based on, I thought I should read it. As expected, Susan did a wonderful job of keeping the suspense up, as well as the twists. I’ve read other books by Susan and find them interesting and fun to read.
OK Book ! August 20, 2015
OK enough read, but not enough mystery.
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Great short read! August 9, 2015
This was the first book that I’ve read written by Susan. Upon finishing, I feel much more inclined to be more forgiving, as that is the take-away I have from the book. I look forward to reading more from her!
Five Stars July 24, 2015
Loved this book!
Not Run Of The Mill July 19, 2015
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Five Stars July 5, 2015
Wonderful in every way. Rather than spoil it for another—read it!
Not What I Was Expecting – But In A Good Way June 1, 2015
This is an interesting story, with some very new-to-me imagery about life after death. But it also seemed choppy for me; sentences and moods being placed where they seemed more like interruptions. I was at a loss for the usual focus of the one, united story being told. There are some well defined relationships and they are eventually worked out well, but the getting there was choppy – too often interrupted by the one relationship,…Read More
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Beautiful, haunting and masterfully written May 7, 2015
Susan Wingate is a master storyteller who draws you in from the very first page. I loved the way she was able to weave a love story and a thriller together so eloquently. She also is a beautiful writer who knows how to encapsulate a scene with her words in such a way you can hear, smell, and taste the things she is describing. The Deer Effect is the spiritual story of a woman who’s journey into the afterlife is thwarted by the…Read More


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