My 2016 Book Reading Challenge is 48: 3 Down, 45 to Go

GuysCanBeCatLadiesTooHow many of you are competing in a reading challenge for 2016? This is my first and I’m doing it through Goodreads. So, now I’m buying all sorts of great books and my current reading list has expanded from the next three novels on my list to another book. And, no, not a novel.

Here’s my current list:

  • The Revenant by Michael Punke
  • Revival by Stephen King
  • The Martian by Andy Weir
  • Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too by Michael Showalter

I know. The nonfiction one, Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too, surpassed the others so quickly that my head is spinning. And I didn’t even have to buy it. Bob had it in his office. One of the guys who worked for him gave it to him as a present! Hee Hee. I’m giddy. It’s absolutely hysterical with pictorials about being a Cat Lady Guy and what exactly a cat is. This book is so funny that I set down the others so that I could get through one really fast, laugh my buttocks off in the process and add it to my challenge as READ!!!

So, what have you read or will be reading this year? Tell me.

I write novels. ~Susan.

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