Ever Thought Your Book Would Be A Great Movie? Me Too.

Get Your Story in Front of One of Hollywood’s Insiders at the Books to Movies Workshop

Featuring JD DeWitt, movie scout, with Inkslinger Entertainment and Suzanne Kelman, producer/screenwriter/playwright.

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Want a Shot at Making Your Book into a Movie?

TerryPersun-HeadShotHave you ever thought that your book would be a great movie? I know I have and after working with JD DeWitt, it seems my dreams are now closer than ever. And I wanted to share the opportunity with you at our Books to Movies Workshop. In April, JD DeWitt, Suzanne Kelman, award-winning, bestselling author, Terry Persun and I will be offering a workshop that will guarantee a chance to get your book represented by Hollywood insider, JD DeWitt. Here’s the skinny on the time and place…

Marriott Courtyard Seattle North, Lynnwood, WA
April 16, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PST)

Story samples for this workshop MUST be submitted by March 16, 2016. Please send to Susan at: susan(at)susanwingate(dot)com. (Word documents only, double-spaced, no more than 5 pages)

What will you get from this workshop?

  • You will learn the aspects of storytelling that will attract people in the film industry (Susan Wingate & Terry Persun),
  • You will learn how to employ “beats” and “pitch points” in your plotting—those key elements that thrust a movie forward (Suzanne Kelman, film director/producer/screenwriter),
  • You will walk away with an understanding of what it takes to approach someone in the film industry about your story and what they want (JD DeWitt, movie scout with Inkslinger Entertainment), and finally,
  • You will get to PITCH YOUR STORY to JD DeWitt for possible representation.


Cost: Early registration by February 16, 2016, $259/person (save $30)
Regular registration by March 16, 2016, $289/person
Sign up soon because seating is very limited: Maximum occupancy/attendees: 28 (strict)

More Great News About “The Deer Effect”

122015-ACX-AudioCoverIt’s funny when you write a book because sometimes the reception of the book is either ho-hum or wowza. This past year, in 2015, when The Deer Effect came out it got a fabulous reception and became an instant Amazon bestseller but then throughout the year it won four awards–two for the category and two in finalist spots.

I sort of thought the news for The Deer Effect was over until this Friday morning when I got a note in my inbox from WRITER’S DIGEST with a review after the book had been submitted to its 3rd Annual Self-published eBook Awards.

Here’s what the judge had to say:

“Beautiful cover image, designed well. It’s a relief that the author chose to depart from the literal image of a deer for this. Creates a more mystical first impression for the reader. The author handles the plot device of the departed keeping a presence in this world very well, and with a fresh take by pairing her with the deer’s spirit as well. We believe that Bobby can see her, due to the author’s masterful detailing and patient pace in revealing Bobby’s awareness. Author writes setting extremely well, layering the forest and other settings with sensory detail that allows us to be present in the scenes as well. Author didn’t stop at just the visual, which is a welcome element. We get scents, tastes, textures, and I especially like how the author handled the crispness of outdoor air. We get breezes in movements and action scenes that really add to the realism. Author has put a lot of effort into establishing a fully realized sense of place and presence. Some beautiful phrases in this story, and some deep insights, such as ‘the typical guilt trips we play on people who we wish would stop yelling and see our worth.’ I read that a second time just to enjoy the depth of it. Author rings true with that concept. The idea of taking back a kiss also engages the reader’s thoughts. Another gem of the book. The author has given Bobby the dog a lot of human qualities, personifying him as much as many of the human characters. He is a main player in the story, and author has done well to add layers and expressions to him. Very well done. There is definitely an Alice Sebold feel to the cadence of the book, the magic in descriptions, and the pauses that the author uses so brilliantly. “Bobby barked…just once…” The author uses these beats of silence beautifully, conveying so much emotion in the reader. A simple, short phrase like this packs so much depth in the author’s hands. I enjoyed the question of whether or not spirits should have contact with humans, a departure from stories using the ‘present spirit’ plot device. Author takes the proven concept (again, an Alice Sebold reminder) and adds fresh layering to it. I very much enjoyed this book, and saw it as a movie while reading. Well done.” ~Judge #62, Writer’s Digest 3rd Annual Self-Published eBook Awards

The Deer Effect also received the highest score it can in each category it was judged on, for:

Structure, Organization, and Pacing

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar

Production Quality and Cover Design

Plot and Story Appeal

Character Appeal and Development, and for

Voice and Writing Style

And, right now, you can buy “The Deer Effect” now for only $.99 by Clicking Here

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