Using Every Minute to Write

clocks-1098080_960_720As an author who works at home, my days are sometimes scattered. We have animals–cats, dogs, birds and the wildlife around here that we feed. My mom lives with us. So, when I have a quiet moment, I tend to cherish that moment.

We live on an island in the Pacific Northwest and have to ferry to the mainland a few times a month for supplies. When we do, I get small slices of solitude within the confines of my car. I always take my laptop. It’s clunkier than a smaller peripheral but I like the keyboard better for writing and I always write when I travel.

Writing_Quote_274The ferry is a behemoth vessel fitting nearly 300 cars and trucks on board either eastbound or westbound. On crossings, I never go upstairs to the passenger area because everyone knows everyone else on the island and you can blow a good hour of writing by talking with locals. It’s not to say I don’t like the companionship of other locals but, as a full-time author, I usually need to finish a chapter, edit a book, or market a new release. And, with all the interruptions at home, I cherish the quieter car deck.

Deadlines rule. And, if you don’t finish your work when someone else expects it, your name is mud in this industry. I try to get my work done, proofread and off my desk 2 weeks before a deadline. It shows to the person requesting the work that I value their time, that I take their position in the publishing industry seriously. It’s simply good manners and being professional.

So, next time you’re waiting somewhere–I don’t care where–the dentist’s office, the department of motor vehicles, or you’re crossing the Puget Sound on a ferry, grab a pen or your computer and get to work. Your agent, publisher and publicist will love you for it.


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