Do You Agree that Finishing a Novel is Not an Event?

Back in the day, I was attending this 2-week intensive writing boot camp. One of the instructors said, “Finishing your novel is not an event.” And, basically… Get over yourself!

achievementBut I have to disagree. There are moments in a writer’s life when the completion of a novel is, indeed, an event. Like, finishing your first novel. That’s a huge moment in a writer’s life. Conversely, I suspect so is finishing the last novel. Gulp.

Anyway, I guess I didn’t appreciate the way the instructor delivered his point which was, “Okay. Great. You finished your novel. Now, move on to the next and don’t stop. Keep writing. Keep producing. We’re all happy for you and we’re all applauding your awesome efforts but, now, take a breath and pick up the pen again.”

He wanted to instill a sense of moving forward and continuing to write–to not stop and wait for the next inspiration but to continue to put word to paper in order that the creative flow continue.

I get that. However, I certainly didn’t need a lecture on that point.

This is how I feel about the subject: we can all use a little encouragement and congratulations when we accomplish something as worthy as finishing our novel. And, let me tell you, it ain’t easy either. Sometimes the writing goes fairly swift–within four to six months you pop out a first draft. And, then there are those other times when the writing takes years. Anytime, we type THE END on a novel, no matter how long it takes us to complet, we should feel free to pat ourselves on the back. Well done! Good on ya! Cheers!

So, why am I droning on about whether the completion of a novel is an event or not? Well, because, I feel guilty! Ha! Guilty that I am taking a week off from writing to play with my house.

I’m redecorating a guest room that has gone, sadly, without any updating for years. The walls are a shambles. The color is this ghastly muted olive color. And, the trim around windows are chipped.

This is my event week, a week after finishing my thirteenth novel and I thought it a good time to take a breather. To extend my creative juices into some fun. To sit back and gather my home around my shoulders. Snuggle in and just breathe. Telling you all about it helps me feel less guilty somehow. So, thanks for helping me out. 🙂

So, how do you feel about finishing your novels? Is it an event or not?



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