4 Ways to Gear Up Your Writing Creativity

creative-725811_1920I’m always trying out new ways to whip up writing creativity. But, lately, I am falling back on four go-to methods to kick my writing creative juices into gear. Well, five… there’s always my morning cup of coffee!

The mind is an easily-manipulated organ if you know how to treat it. I employ meditation, reading, exercise, and non-dominant activities.

Here’s how:

  1. Meditation – It’s just like it sounds. You need to sit in a quiet space for no fewer than 15 minutes and allow yourself to be alone. Turn off all peripherals–TV, iPod, laptop, iPad, cell–and let your alone-ness seep in. It’s okay if your dog snores. Actually, snoring is very soothing when you’re not trying to sleep. Robert’s breathing calms me and makes me smile. Let your dog snore. Let the cat snuggle. Turn on your timer for 15 minutes. And…
    1. Sit in a comfortable position–crossed-legged or with your feet up,
    2. Close your eyes,
    3. Let your mind go free. Let it do what it will, all the while keeping your eyes closed,
    4. Before you know it, 15 minutes will have passed and your ready to move on to the second task…
  2. Read Something – I like to pick up my Bible and read Psalms or Job–both King David and Job had tough lives and reading these passages always seems to add a little perspective to my life. But, read whatever you wish but ONLY FOR 15 MINUTES! Set your timer again and let your eyes skip through luscious pages of whatever you wish.
  3. creativity-1Exercise – Again, take fifteen minutes to walk outside or jump on your treadmill. Although, you will not get all of nature’s sensory stimuli by staying indoors. Bob and I take off on power walks that take over an hour. Inevitably, I come home with something awesome to write about. Getting out of your normal environs will feed your creative juices more than exercising at home but if you cannot get out, the simple act of working out will feed your brain sufficiently sending all sorts of yummy endorphins to your head and making your fingers antsy to get back to writing. Bonus! Your waist will take shape and you’ll feel better about yourself.
  4. creative-background-crazy-ballNon-dominant play-time – This is a fun one and makes your brain go wild. Sometimes people have emotional reactions during this one. Incorporating non-dominant play-time will keep your creativity at the forefront of your brain for longer periods of time.
    1. Using your non-dominant hand, write a page-long story about any topic that is of importance to you. For instance, I write about my mom because her health weighs heavily on my brain, so much so that I began writing The Dementia Chronicles.
    2. Write only one page for any given topic. Everyone reacts differently while using the non-dominant side of their brains but expect something exciting to come forth.

The more you practice these four mind-stimulating activities, the more easily you will be to tap into your creativity. I do these daily. I also work alone at home. If you don’t, try to carve out a day or two every week to use this method. I promise, it won’t let you down.


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