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I met Clancy Tucker on LinkedIn when he invited me on his blog as a guest. You can see that post HERE. Clancy Tucker is quite the phenom in Australia. He’s an avid blogger and is a bestselling author of fiction and memoir. Please help me welcome Clancy Tucker to my blog.



15-XXX_Kick-Ass Tyler_Book Cover_V2.inddWhat inspired you to write your latest book, KICK-ASS TYLER?

I’m always thinking outside the box, and it is easy I guess for male authors to have male characters in their books. However, I wanted a challenge as an author, and I also wanted to appeal to my young female readers. Mind you, this is not the only book I have written with a female protagonist. ‘KY!’ is an award-winning novella about bullying, and the main character is a young Muslim refugee.

Inspiration? Mm … All my books raise important issues. This book is book one of a series about the same girl – Sam Tyler; a girl who is ballsy and fearless, and one who takes no prisoners. I wanted her to be an inspiration to young girls who may come from dysfunctional families. One of my young readers was inspired by the book and said, ‘Sam rocks! She has taught me to stand up for myself, and others, more often.’

How did you come up with the title and were you at all concerned about it?

Kick-Ass is a great expression. It says a lot really. No, I wasn’t concerned about the title, although I knew that it would grab the attention of kids in a library or bookshop. When you read the book you will learn how relevant it is; even more so in the next two books in the series which are already written. – ‘Life sucks!’ and ‘Streetwise’.

Who designed the cover?

I am also an award-winning photographer, and I design all of my books, using my own photographs. Why not, eh? The cover for this one includes items that appear in the story; pocket knife, broken watch, headband etc.

How much of the book is realistic?

Although it is modern fiction, it is all fairly realistic.

What was the hardest part of writing your novel?

Nothing was difficult. I usually get an idea, begin writing, and keep going until it’s finished. Normally, a novel takes me 3 months to complete, working 12 – 14 hours a day, seven days a week.

What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing your story to life?

The only challenge was to keep up the suspense and pull all the plots together so they make sense in the right order. Luckily, I have two great proof readers who check everything.

9780646922713-a-drovers-blanketIs there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Always. This book is about many issues: losing a parent, teamwork, abduction, achieving great results when all seems to be against you, friendships, relationships, accepting a new dad, and life as a teenager.

Are experiences based on your life or someone you know?

Not really. I have a great imagination. However, many say that Sam Tyler would be my daughter. Fair comment.

If you could write the manuscript all over again, would you change anything in your book?

No. I’d be too busy writing another book in the same series.

Where do you write and at what time of the day or night?

I write in my study, a room I call the ‘Engine room’. Normally, I get up and get into it. Every day is busy, and not only writing books. I am involved in all sorts of things, including teaching members of the University of the Third Age, spending time speaking to young students in Vietnam, writing a daily blog which now goes to more than 165 countries, mentoring young Australian writers, and taking photographs.

How did you begin writing?

Interesting question. I began fulltime about 18 years ago when I found out I had chronic Fatigue.

What are some of your favorite authors?

Two main ones – John Grisham and Lord Jeffrey Archer.

9780646572208-pa-joes-placeWhat was the last book that you read?

One I wrote myself – ‘Pa Joe’s Place’. I published it two years ago and am always drawn back to it. The story is based in Thailand, is a true story, and the main character is a magnificent eight-year-old Thai girl named Boo. Powerful story!

Your blog is very pro-author, you promote other authors and help them get the word out about their books. How did you start doing this? And, more importantly, why?

I started my blog nearly five years ago, and have not missed a day. Yes, I promote other authors, but also interview other people, such as illustrators, lawyers, kids, poets, and have even interviewed a man on death row in Louisiana, USA. Why write a blog? I wanted to promote others, develop a base of followers, and sell my brand – Clancy Tucker. Sadly, very few of my guests, over 500, have asked me to be a guest on their blog. Such is life, eh? Writing is a very solitary job, but all of us have to stick together and promote each other.

Can you share a little of what you might currently be working on?

Revising three manuscripts – my next three books. Also, am working with a movie director to film my first book – ‘Gunnedah Hero’. The next 12 books are finished and I’m biting at the bit to get back to some writing.

Thanks for the interview, Susan. Love ya work!


clancy_tucker_2Clancy Tucker is an award-winning author who writes young adult fiction but has also achieved success as a poet and photographer. Clancy has lived in four countries, speaks three languages, has photography published in the USA, registered with the International Library of Photography, included in literary magazines, and has written more than 146 short stories.

Clancy’s been short-listed and highly commended in many writing contests and had short stories and poems published in literary magazines. He has been a political speechwriter, public servant, farmer and vocal advocate for human rights and independent authors. He has worked with street kids, mentors aspiring young writers and draws on life’s experiences to write stories for young adults.


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