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The Dementia Chronicles #21

It’s been a while since I have uttered a word on my blog. To that, I apologize.

Mom went into The Life Care Center on the 17th of October and I retrieved her on the 24th.

Mom in bed with TeddyHaving mom away led me to three understandings…

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The Dementia Chronicles #20 – In Home Visits & The Bogeyman

With many ailing and aging patients, some will receive what is termed “in-home” healthcare visits. Typically, the primary care doctor will prescribe these visits based on a medical need. Sometimes the need is based on an internally derived problem–think stomach problems, heart and lung issues, onset of incontinence or infection.

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Swimming in an Ocean of Authors Marketing Their Books

How do you market your books and have them stand out while swimming in an ocean of authors who are marketing their books? This is the never-ending question of late–since technology swept through and created a landscape of millions of indie authors selling their books. Some indie authors are stellar at marketing their while others don’t…

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5 Practice Areas of Writing: Today's Craft Writing Prompt

When you sit down to write, do you tend to stall out and flounder over what might happen next in your story? Let’s take a look at the follow 5 Practice Areas of Writing in Today’s Craft Writing Prompt by concentrating on each. Character Development – story is all about character and how your character…

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My 5 Consistently Used Marketing Methods in My Business Plan

My 5 Consistently Used Marketing Methods in My Business Plan Are… There seems to be a lot of noise about how we authors and publishers should market ourselves and our books in today’s quickly-changing, technologically-heavy world. In the words of George Bush (number one) I try to “Stay the course” and not stray too far from what I can…

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3 Elements of Writing a Memoir

My Take on 3 Elements of Writing a Memoir As a career fiction author, my journey into nonfiction and, specifically, writing memoir-based nonfiction was difficult, to say the least. Nonfiction requires truth. Fiction requires a veil of truth or no truth at all. Let’s not get into a discussion of editorial fact-finding within fiction. Let’s…

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