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Have Hope and Be Watchful

As citizens of the United States, we have inalienable rights. In other words, rights that are unremovable, inbred, irrevocable rights. Inalienable is an adjective. offers this definition: 1. not alienable; not transferable to another or capable of being repudiated. Synonyms of inalienable are: inviolable, absolute, unassailable, inherent. Inalienable is a six-syllable word that trips off the tongue. Trips, I say!…

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Compassion & Forgiveness

I started writing this post around 8 p.m. Sunday night. You see, I’m trying to understand something that I may never understand. Not that I’m supposed to understand everything or that I have the right to know everything. Who is but God? Still, I’m trying to tap into a more compassionate viewpoint rather than my usual…

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SPEAK OUT. It really pisses them off.

Make no mistakes: Trump Caused the Death of that US Serviceman when he unprovokedly attacked Yemen. We now have a White Supremacist in the White House with Steve Bannon. You can REPLY DIRECTLY to Trump’s tweets by going here: Do not go gentle into that good night, Dylan Thomas, 1914 – 1953 Do not go gentle…

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