How Kindle Scout Works and Why My Story "The Lesser Witness"?

From my one-time experience with Kindle Scout, an author who has a never-before published book can enter their novel using this platform. After entering your novel, Kindle Scout will either accept or reject it for a month-long campaign.

What’s the benefit of getting a Kindle Scout campaign? Well, if your campaign is successful, you may get offered a publishing deal with one of several Amazon publishers, like Thomas & Mercer (mystery/thriller), Montlake Romance, and 47North (scifi/fantasy), to name only three of thirteen imprints across publishing genres.

What happens during the campaign period? As an author, you use marketing to garner votes for your story. For instance, with THE LESSER WITNESS I set up an event page on Facebook and have asked people to nominate (or vote) for my book. I use Twitter to send out tweets. I posted my Kindle Scout campaign on LinkedIn and Google+, and tomorrow I will be sending out a newsletter with the Kindle Scout campaign included so people can vote for my story that way too.

As people vote for your work, the stats of your novel and its ranking improve. Writers whose stories get a high enough ranking throughout the period of a month, will be offered publishing contracts.

I made the decision to enter THE LESSER WITNESS because I am currently shopping this story for a publishing contract and have always wanted to be published through an Amazon imprint. THE LESSER WITNESS would fit well within the thriller/mystery genre line, but it would also fit within the YA line–young adult, and even within the inspirational/Christian line which is called Waterfall Press.

So, here’s my question for you? Do you have a complete and edited novel that might be a good fit for a Kindle Scout campaign? If yes, then why not try it out?

Here’s another question: Will you please help me out and vote for my story? If the answer is yes, you can go to:

And thank you so much for voting! If I get a contract, I will let everyone know by posting here on my blog!

The Lesser Witness can use your vote for a Kindle Scout publishing deal!

Please vote for THE LESSER WITNESS on Kindle Scout

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