And I was Happy with Five but Six is Better

I initially thought about comparing today’s post entitled, I was happy with five but six is better–a recent story of success–with Elizabeth Taylor’s husband-count, which she maxed out at eight. Good gravy. Then, I remembered how Zsa-Zsa Gabor had a few husbands herself. So, I checked online for her conquests and found she’d wed nine men! What the?

Bag that idea, methinks. Let me simply tell you that THE DEER EFFECT received another honor as a finalist this time for the category of inspirational fiction in the 2017 Book Excellence Awards, making this the sixth book award for THE DEER EFFECT! Wow. I am a ballerina, spinning, spinning, arms over my head, happy spinning.

Previous awards for THE DEER EFFECT include:


Runner-up – Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book


Winner – Pacific Book Awards for Christian Fiction

Winner – eLit Awards for Religious Fiction

Finalist – Next Generation Indie Book Awards for Inspirational Fiction

Finalist – USA Best Book Awards for Religious Fiction

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