10 Reasons to Be Quiet

10 Reasons to Be Quiet…

Will be a post not about manners but about reasons I allow for not being “out there” posting to my blog, on social media, or sending out newsletters. First, let me say this about that, I have been busy. Not only do we have a construction project at the house but we also have a construction project at the house.


She said in a dreamy voice, “It all began after the Willy Nelson concert…”

The insurance claim guy (we’ll call him Baron, for now) determined the leak had been going on for years due to an evidence of black mold spreading throughout our subfloor, which was crawling up the studs behind the drywall. This precluded us from assuming the entire cost as an insurance claim. Most policies only allow payment for sudden or recent damage. Ours had been a slow, long leak that destroyed our master bathroom. But Baron let me know that we had an insurance “allowance” that covered up to $10,000 of damage. So, that was something.

“…the Willy Nelson concert was August 9th. With dogs in-tow, we stayed overnight near Marymoor Park in Redmond, returning August 10th leaving us a day before the contractors would show up. They started ripping out our existing, failed bathroom on August 11th. The demolition phase lasted until the end of September.

This is a silly video I took last night, November 7th, and shows you what phase the project is in. Nearly three months later, the guys will be spraying texture on the new walls. They will begin to paint tomorrow and put the toilet in. Wahoo! We’ve had to bounce around between two other toilets in the house–one larger guest bathroom upstairs, and one smaller bathroom downstairs. I like the smaller bathroom. Bob likes the larger one. Here’s where we are right now.

The other nine reasons to be quiet? Here you go.

  1. Three dogs,
  2. Eight cats,
  3. Ten birds,
  4. A clutch of raccoon,
  5. A herd of deer,
  6. A five-bedroom house that needs cleaning more often than is being done,
  7. Needing to feed my husband something other than take-out or fast-food,
  8. Needing to shower, at least every once in a while! And,
  9. Being sick for nearly three weeks.

I will be working on the bathroom soon, painting the accent wall. The guys will be painting the rest of the room but the accent wall is getting a special treatment that I prefer to apply. I tell you this because that adds another list to the ever-growing list of “to-do’s” of late.

After the project is done, I’ll be having a pity-party. You’ll all get invitations to that. 🙂 Until then, here’s a little something until then.

Peace. Out.

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  1. Genene on November 15, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    Omigosh! I went through this last spring–but my son and I did the demolition, paused while the plumber did their work, and then my son and I put the bathroom back together. Turned out beautifully, but in the meantime…Let’s just say you have my sympathies and try to hold onto the vision of how great this will be when it’s done!

    • Susan Wingate on November 15, 2017 at 9:36 pm

      Oh no! My sympathies with YOU too. What a mess. Our house is upside-down most days and definitely our bedroom and exercise room where they’re “storing” everything. Bleh. Anyway, thanks Genene for feeling our pain. Hahahaa.

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