A New Story Tie-in for THE DEER EFFECT Available Now

That’s right! A new story tie-in for THE DEER EFFECT is available now.

What’s a tie-in, you ask? A tie-in is basically a spin-off to a related, larger story. For instance, a short story that might have begun as a character analysis but which has spun off into a short story that relates to the existing novel where the character lives.

THE DEER EFFECT won several awards and was received well by readers but some people asked, “So, what happened to Hannah and Fawn?” I have to admit, I asked the same question myself. And, although I hadn’t planned to write further about the characters, I was asked to be part of a KindleWorlds series, which nudged me into writing a spin-off piece for THE DEER EFFECT. What was born is the story entitled, “Between Heaven and Earth.” And if you look closely at the front cover of THE DEER EFFECT, you’ll see why.

You can get Between Heaven and Earth by CLICKING HERE or simply by clicking on the book cover for that title below. I’m super-excited that it’s now available for everyone to read. I hope you enjoy the story and thanks for popping in to check out what I’ve been doing. While you’re here, you may want to go to the News & Events page for a listing of current news and places you will be able to meet up with me. Thanks again and, Happy Monday!

between heaven and earth by susan wingateHannah and Fawn have left the earth-realm and have begun their journey toward heaven. However, before taking their places in paradise, they venture into a land between heaven and earth, a land where their very souls are at stake–where demons are vying for a seat with their evil master in the dark region. Will Hannah and Fawn ever reach their destination or will they falter and end up forever in between heaven and earth?

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