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Research, Real Pain, and Writing

Research, Real Pain, and Writing Yesterday, I employed three items. They were research, real pain, and writing. Reading too, when I finished working, when I polished some new work I had edited, when I ended up fleshing out intent of one of my characters, I read a couple chapters to my husband. Reading Your Work…

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Cycling and Recycling Through Story

As I write my thirteenth book, I find myself cycling and recycling through the story. As a part of editing but also as a part of finding the larger story. CYCLING AS PART OF EDITING Actually, cycling is not all that unusual for me. In fact, I tend to write new work one day and…

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3 Areas of Today's Focus on Writing Practice

The 3 areas of today’s focus on writing practice led to a few new story ideas and that’s how it always is when I practice. I have a file (or two) on my laptop called “Something Wonderful.” I include in these files sparks of ideas, curious phrasing, and intriguing descriptors. In the morning I sit…

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