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Writing "The End" to a Novel

Writing “The End” to a Novel My take on why writing “The End” to a novel should give you pause. I was once told by a self-proclaimed writing guru that writing “the end” to a novel shouldn’t be an event. That we shouldn’t get all wrapped up in the fact that we finished a book–your…

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12 Best First Lines from My Library

12 Best First Lines from My Library Waking, my feet remained stuck under the covers while locked in a dream about a story and I’m reminded of 12 Best First Lines from My Library. Still, my story’s first line warbles into ether and left an inkling of its metaphor, one that colors my morning and makes me wish I could drag…

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18 Awards in Four Fiction Genres

18 Awards in Four Fiction Genres In this post you will learn about 18 awards in four fiction genres. Winning awards increases your book sales and can launch your career. After Drowning (now The Last Maharajan) won the 2011 Forward National Literature Award for the category of family drama, I received 32,000 eBook downloads within two…

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