Free Book and Featured Author

Two things are happening today. I have a free book and I’m a featured author today on Mind, Pen & Spirit.


The free book is a gritty short thriller called Deer Sanctuary and it’s available on Amazon page where you can also follow me. Just scroll through the book covers to find Deer Sanctuary. The story is under my pen name, Jay Adams. It’s all so confusing. 🙂

Deer Sanctuary: A Short Thriller by Jay Adams (one of Susan Wingate's pen names)

Deer Sanctuary: A Short Thriller by Jay Adams (one of Susan Wingate’s pen names)


Find Karen Ingalls at

But what’s really cool is that you can read my featured author post called, “On Writing Tough” at Karen Ingall’s blog, MIND, PEN, & SPIRIT. Karen Ingalls is an award winning author, blogger, and public speaker. She is the author of three books, an avid reader, and a retired RN with a Master’s Degree in Human Development. Her advanced degree is in psychology and human services therefore her writings are about social/family issues and ovarian cancer. She is an active member of Rave Reviews Book Club, Independent Authors Network, GoodReads, Author Resource Room, and Authors/Bloggers Rainbow Support Club.

I hope you enjoy reading my free book DEER SANCTUARY. As well, I hope you enjoy reading how tough the writing can become on my featured author post called On Tough Writing.

You can also find all of my novels, short fiction, poetry, and how-to write books here. Just click on the BOOKS tab.

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