Friday Free Days

Friday Free DaysWHAT IN THE WORLD ARE FRIDAY FREE DAYS? I hear you ask.

Content for Friday Free Days offers an assortment of Freebies–writing instruction, eBooks, and marketing ideas. Sometimes Friday Free Days is none of these and just a bunch of free stuff I’ve found or have and want to give to you.

But for today, let’s concentrate on the following three free things:

  • Free Writing Instruction
  • Free eBooks
  • Free Book Marketing Ideas


Free Writing Instruction

When you start a new novel, try to answer three important questions:

  1. Why is this story important to me? If you don’t know the answer to this question, how in the hell will your readers know?
  2. What is the climax going to be? When you envision your climax before writing, your story will subconsciously lead you in the direction of the climax.
  3. Who is my intended audience? What age group are you writing for? Writing for children is miles different than writing for the young adult market, or even the tween market. Are you writing a guy’s novel, then you should either have a very sexy female protagonist, or a man’s man kind of protagonist. Of course, the reverse may be true if you’re writing for the LGBTQ market.

Answer these simple questions will help your writing remain in the lanes of your intended market. Oh, and these aren’t the only questions. I will tell you a few more next Friday but these three are great starter questions.

Free eBooks

My novel THE LAST MAHARAJAN, will be free one more day for your ereading device whether that’s a Kindle reader, a Nook, or the Cloud. The Last Maharajan is women’s fiction/family drama. It won the 2011 Forward National Literature Award for drama under its previous title, Drowning. The eBook is free today but, if you prefer a print copy, you can also purchase the paperback for only $9.99. I love the cover of this book.

Here’s what people have said about The Last Maharajan…

The Last Maharajan by Susan Wingate #FreeBook

Category award winner for family drama

“Labeling Susan Wingate as Chick Lit is akin to accusing Steven King of freelancing for Harlequin! A gritty little book, with outstanding characters and a plot that is so strange, I could actually see it happening in real life… written with panache… a great read and Wingate has done a fabulous job of both plot and character development… a book that has wide appeal… score 5 stars. I loved the plot, loved the characters, and …can find no fault… and the story flows.” -Simon Barrett

“The narrator’s voice is very genuine and compelling. Strong women are always appealing, and these are two very strong women. Wingate develops [the story] with a lovely, light touch… Wingate handles the narrative with such ease. [The reader is] drawn to her honesty.
Brava, Susan. – Phyllis Schieber is the author of “Willing Spirits” and “The Sinner’s Guide to Confession”

Free Book Marketing Ideas (three to employ in your daily book marketing efforts)

Yes, I said daily. And also, you might think about the benefits of throwing something book-related out to your social sites no fewer than three times a day–morning, midday, and evening.

  • 1. It’s no surprise that people prefer posts with pics more than without. It goes to a long-ago-learned habit of sitting on mom’s lap and flipping pages of a children’s picture book. Right away my mind went to The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper. I remember asking my mom to read it, for her, ad nauseum. In fact, I so focused on this particular story that she finally bought me the 78 vinyl to shut me up! So, add a photo (or video) to your posts on social media. You’ll get more likes and shares when you do.
  • 2. Use Twitter like you’re obsessed. I have been noticing that people who tweet like they’ve nothing left to do in this world, get more followers and more likes and shares. Inevitably, they get more hits, which logically goes to more book sales.
  • 3. Interact like you care. And you should care what your friends and followers are saying and doing because you should want to know who your readers are. Not just because of the ethereal kindness the universe with send your way but because you should want to know the habits and likes of your market. Are most of your readers boys and men ages between 18 and 35 who like sports and food? If you know this, you can focus your posts to your market. What happens? You get more likes and shares, which means more visits to your website and more book sales.

By the way, photos depicting food and drink, photos depicting cute animals, and photos with inspirational messages and images, get far more hits than your book cover. I’m not saying never blast your book about the web but watch and see which of your posts–the food posts or your book cover–gets more interaction with people. And , make sure you scroll down the list of people who like your posts to find new friends and followers. If someone isn’t a friend or follower, they will show up as such. Make sure you add them as a friend or follow them back to get a reciprocating follow from them.

I hope some of these ideas within this post of Friday Free Days will help you succeed writing, reading, and selling your books.




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    Thank you for posting.
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      Thanks for reading! I enjoyed getting your note. 🙂

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