Tuesday Dialogue Days


Today’s post for Tuesday Dialogue Days will not feature a guest author because when I book someone and they don’t show up, then I have a “free” day on my podcast. In the past, I have (sometimes) given a brief blurb about the guest who couldn’t make it. But today, since I am fully-immersed in this story, I decided to give you all a little taste of how the story proceeds from the first chapter. And if you want to comment or offer up a critique, I’d be thrilled to have you contribute your thoughts.


That being said, I alwasy consider it a true pleasure to be able to read my work to the listening audience of Dialogue: Between the Lines. And, this time, there is dialogue to be heard! So, if you wish, you can click HERE to hear the first chapter of THE MOON SPYER, a story about a mother, her daughters, MacKenzie and Tessa, and what happens to their family when one of the girls dies in a freak accident.

You can also check me out right here in the pages of my website. Several of my books are Amazon bestselling, award-winning novels, which you might enjoy.

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And thanks for stopping by to check out this week’s Tuesday Dialogue Days. Next week, we’ll have NY Times Bestseller, Debra Dean!

Until next time, if you’re a write, write on. If you’re a reader, God bless you. 😉

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