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Today’s installment for Thursday Writer Resource Day will concentrate on writing workshops and conferences. There are a few coming up that are awesome, ones you might think about attending if you have the time.

Thursday Writer Resource Day – the Publishing Industry

The great thing about writing workshops and conferences is that you meet so many amazing people–other writers, publishers, agents, independent editors, book packagers, bookstore owners, librarians, book distributors. And they all have their place in the very large industry of publishing. In 2017, the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis posted the publishing industry (including software) with gross sales of $243.1 billion. Publishing falls under the larger Retail Trade market, which combined earned $1,137 billion, making publishing approximately 1/5 of the entire retail market. So, as writers, we’re involved in the production cycle of an enormous industry.

So, it’s not unusual we will find tons of industry-related conferences and workshops specific to writing, publishing, and marketing. And, that’s what we’ll be discussing today for this posting of Thursday Writer Resource Day.

Upcoming Writing Conferences & Workshops

Basically, I’m posting a listing of some great workshops that are coming up soon. You might think about enrolling in something quickly to get early registration discounts when and where they apply.

Story Circle Network – for June 4, 2018 Late Spring online classes – CLICK HERE
Mystery Writers of America Northwest Chapter – June 30th – Gig Harbor, WA – CLICK HERE
Story Circle Network – July 20th-22nd, Writers Conference in Austin, TX – CLICK HERE
Muscle-up the Gut of Your Story – July 9th-30th, meeting once-a-week for 4 weeks – Online and email interactive – CLICK HERE
Oregon Christian Writers 2018 Summer Conference – August 20th-23rd – Portland, OR – CLICK HERE
Pacific Northwest Writers Association, annual conference – September 13th-16th – Seattle, WA – CLICK HERE

I don’t post every Thursday for Thursday Writer Resource Day but will try to keep up on things happening in and around regions of the U.S. and abroad as I learn of them throughout the year.

Until next time, keep writing, keep reading… keep dreaming.

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Thursday Writer Resource Day


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