New Release! THE LESSER WITNESS, Young Adult Apocalyptic Fiction

new-release-the-lesser-witness-young-adult-apocalyptic-fictionNew Release! THE LESSER WITNESS, Young Adult Apocalyptic Fiction

I’m happy to announce my latest new release entitled The Lesser Witness, a young adult novel and apocalyptic fiction (with a smattering of inspirational fantasy elements thrown in for good measure).

The story came to life one day when I took my sweet dog, Robert on a walk along South Beach here on the island. We live in the Pacific Northwest. It was a winter walk, gray and grizzled with a persistent breeze coming off the Strait of Juan de Fuca. South Beach faces the Olympic Peninsula but you can also see Vancouver Island north of the peninsula. I looked eastward and remember seeing a young woman crystallize in front of me. She ran straight past and behind me. I remember spinning to follow her. A few feet later, she bent over in pain. Her sides aching from exertion. Then, I heard a gang of boys and looked back from where she’d come. There were three chasing her. Both of us, our eyes pinned on them. She took off again but then things went badly. The story flooded out of me after that. Robert and I sat in the car for an hour while I charted the course for Croy Justice, the young woman who takes the reins of this novel.

I finished the writing of this story within weeks, in 2016. But with Mom being sick and, ultimately, passing away that December, nothing further happened—no editing, no submissions, no nothing. But in 2018, after submitting to a few publishers, it’s finally here!

If you enjoy reading stories like Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road,” and Frank Peretti’s “The Oath,” you might like THE LESSER WITNESS. It’s a dark, gritty mash-up of genres, from young adult apocalyptic fiction (which is categorized in the SciFi/Horror genre) to inspirational fantasy, and thriller novel.

Here’s the blurb off

For people who liked The Oath by Frank Peretti and The Outsider by Stephen King.


Would you run into the arms of death to save someone you love? Or would you save yourself? How would you choose who lives and who dies? Pick one person—a throw-away—a person you must sacrifice to save humanity.

In the not too distant future, a bolide ignites an onset of earthquakes marking utter ruin on Earth. especially on one small island where Croy Justice lives. With a gang of virulent boys trailing her, Croy must outwit them or risk a gruesome death at their hands. Will she survive these end times? Or, will she be snapped up into satan’s grip?

LAST WITNESS is a story about one young woman’s fight against evil during a time when all hope has been vanquished.

I hope you pick up a copy. And, if you do, please remember to post an honest review at the purchase site.

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Thank you, Susan.

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