What’s Been Happening


What’s been happening? Well, first up, free all this week, THE LAST MAHARAJAN, a family drama/women’s fiction exclusively on Amazon.com for your Kindle eReader.


Next up, THE LESSER WITNESS is now out. June 17th marked the release date of my latest novel, an apocalyptic thriller set only a few years into the future. THE LESSER WITNESS is book one of The Eschatos Chronicles.

What's Been Happening2025. A bolide ignites an onset of earthquakes marking utter ruin on Earth. especially on one small island where Croy Justice lives. With a gang of virulent boys trailing her, Croy must outwit them or risk a gruesome death at their hands. Will she survive these end times? Or, will she be snapped up into satan’s grip?

“THE LESSER WITNESS” is a gripping thriller that will captivate the mind and enthrall the senses…” – Daily Press 

“THE LESSER WITNESS” is a remarkable read filled with riveting suspense that will keep you on your seat from start to finish. This is simply the must read book of the summer.” – Sun-Sentinel

“Every now and then a book comes along that fills you with emotion; an emotion that is not easily matched by others. “THE LESSER WITNESS” by Author Susan Wingate is that and more as she weaves the emotions of life and the realities that we live in with vivid realism that only a true master can pull off. If you are looking for a thrill ride this summer, this is the book for you.” – Chicago Tribune 


Lastly, my next workshop at The Writing Studio will be another writing retreat. This will be a one-day retreat where we will concentrate five hours on building creative flow. This is a popular workshop so please sign up soon because this workshop fills up fast. Space is limited to only six participants. Here’s what happens at the writing retreat:

“Spend one day in retreat in order to spur on creativity. Each hour will alternate between physical motion, meditation, and explorion. Then, jump headlong into immersive writing. Work on a story you have are already writing or write freely.”


And of course, I’m writing another novel, the second in the Eschatos Chronicles series, called THE FALSE WITNESS.


There ain’t no stinking arithmetic. But you can peruse all of my books by heading over to the Books page right here on my website. Be well. -Susan Wingate

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